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Innovation for Global Relationships Management

31258 Innovation for Global Relationships Management

Assignment 1: Written Research Report

This is a group assignment with three students from the same tutorial class. On your assignment cover sheet state all the names and SID’s of the students in your group.

A penalty of 10% of possible marks will be imposed per day for assignments submitted after the due date.

The Marking Guide is with Assignment 1 in UTSOnline.

Use Harvard/UTS referencing throughout your assignment (refer UTS Library site for details).

Assignments will be made available during week 8.

Personal feedback for your report will be entered into your report. General feedback affecting the class will be provided verbally prior to the return of your reports during the week 10 tutorial.


This assignment addresses the following course objectives:

  1. Explain the impact and opportunities of IT within the Australian and global economic context by using computer tools such as portals, etc., to maintain relationships and grow these opportunities.
  2. Discuss how IT adds value to the business in e-commerce, relationship and knowledge management, user modeling for customer satisfaction, outsourcing, offshoring and software development by using computers for innovation that leads to competitive advantage.

Graduate Attributes

This assignment addresses the following Graduate Attributes:

A.1 Needs Analysis, A.2 Prioritise, A.3 Constraints, uncertainties, and risks,
A.4 Sustainability B.1 Problem solving, E.1Communicate Effectively, E.2 Teams, F.3 Cross-cultural, F.4 Global perspective.


Write a report which includes the following;

  1. Explains how companies can use IT to win customer business. In your report comment on;
    1. Inhibitors to the successful deployment of IT innovations, and,
    2. Identify where IT deployment has been most successful.

Also in your report;

  1. Explain what affects these technology changes could have on company structure and employees.
  2. Discuss how the technology solutions employed may be different for;
    1. Different customer segments (i.e. markets);
    2. Different customer types (i.e. final and intermediate consumers);
    3. Different sized companies.

Note: To be successful in this assignment you need to exhibit analysis of your research in all your discussions, and then the deductions resulting from that analysis.


  • Executive Summary and Conclusion.
  • Clear description and reflective analysis of your research.
  • Views well-argued and backed by relevant references and/or example.
  • Identification of barriers and possible areas for improvement from your research.
  • Grammar and presentation.
  • Quality of references used, and reference list.

For gathering appraisals in this Subject, understudies will be surveyed as a group, where every individual from the group will get a similar stamp for the task. On the off chance that you experience difficulty with the activity of your gathering, approach the Tutor for exhortation (ideally ask as a gathering). On the off chance that a portion of the gatherings feel that different individuals are not contributing, the Tutor ought to be educated and a gathering meeting held to deliver an answer. In extraordinary cases, a gathering part might be asked by the Lecturer to do additional work or acknowledge a lower stamp. No bad things to say about gathering task will be considered after the task has been submitted.

NOTE: Questions in relation to the assignment should be posted to the Discussion Board on UTS Online.  Make sure you have read the Assignment outline before you ask your question. Questions on the assignment that are received via email will not be answered

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