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The Assignment – Planning Document Project Management is worth 25% of the total marks and is due on Friday 10 August.



The purpose of this assignment is to demonstrate your ability to apply the concepts of planning and project management that we have covered in this course, to a practical scenario.

Your task in brief:

  • You are required to propose and design an information system for a business. The business that you design the information system for is of your own choosing.


  • The information system you propose should be of small to medium size/complexity.


  • To design the proposed information system you will need to thoroughly analyse the business and its requirements. Although the business is of your own choosing you should design the system for an area that you have some interest/prior knowledge in; or if you are already working you should consider an information system for the company you work for. Familiarity with the business will make it easier to propose and design a suitable information system.


  • You cannot design the system for the same company that another student has chosen, nor can you reproduce a design for an existing well-known company.


  • You may work either as an individual or as a team of up to FOUR (4) people. If you choose to work in a team, you must have worked with some of your team members for at least TWO assessed workshop activities from Week 1 – Week 4 (unless you have been approved by the course convener).


Scenario and report requirements:

Imagine that you have been contracted by the company (or asked by the company you work for) to develop an information system for AUD $50,000 (i.e., development cost). During this part of the assignment, you will prepare a planning report, using the provided template, for the proposed system.

Your planning report must (i) use the template provided on L@G under assessment menu (ii)

be no more than 3800 words and (iii) must address each of the following components:

  • Identify the Problem – Provide a system vision document that outlines the problem description, system capabilities, and the expected business benefits (maximum 500 words). (1+2+2=5 Marks)
  • Quantify Project Approval Factors – Complete the following tasks (maximum 700 words):


  1. Provide a table with a breakdown of the estimated time for project completion. (subsystems + functional requirements + iterations required + time estimates=3+3+2+2=10 Marks)
  2. Provide a table with a summary of the development costs (remember that you are given only AUD $50,000 as development cost) for the project and system. You must identify the expense categories and justify them. (categories + amount + justifications=2+1+2=5 Marks)
  3. Provide a table with a summary of the estimated annual operating costs (use Australian dollars). You must identify the expense categories and justify them. (categories + amount + justifications=2+1+2=5 Marks)


  • Undertake a cost/benefit analysis – Complete the following tasks (maximum 700 words):


  1. Describe the anticipated benefits from the deployment of the new system (outline tangible and intangible benefits). (2 Marks)
  2. Provide a table with a summary of estimated annual benefits. (2 Marks)
  3. Conduct the cost-benefit analysis of the new system and calculate payback period and return on investment (ROI). (Analysis/calculations + payback period + ROI = 4 +1+1=6 Marks)
  • Perform a Risk and Feasibility Analysis – Complete the following tasks (maximum

700 words):

  1. Determine organisational risks and feasibility. (2 Marks)
  2. Evaluate technological risks and feasibility. (2 Marks)
  3. Assess resource risks and feasibility. (2 Marks)
  4. Identify schedule risks and feasibility. (2 Marks)


  • Establish the Project Environment – Complete the following tasks (maximum 700 words):


  1. Provide a table outlining information that will be captured during system development, the tools and software that will be used to develop the system, and outline who can update / view the information. Provide justifications for each category. (Information Captured + Tools + Who Can update/view=2+2+1=5 Marks)
  2. Describe the work environment. Provide justifications for each category. (hardware +software + support staff=2+2+1=5 Marks)
  3. Describe the processes and procedures that will be used. Provide justifications for each category. (Reporting&Documentation+Programming+Testing+Deliverables+Code&Version Control=2+2+2+2+2=10 Marks)


  • Schedule the Work – Complete the following tasks (maximum 500 words):
  1. Provide a work breakdown structure (WBS) for one (1) of the subsystems. Identify the tasks, durations and predecessors. (2+2+2=6 Marks)
  2. Provide a Gantt chart showing the WBS project activities timeline. You must use Microsoft Project and provide a screen capture. Make sure that you properly identify the critical path(6+3=9 Marks)

Also Include a Time Log as an appendix to the report

You must also submit as an appendix to the report, a time log for all time spent on this report. The time log does not contribute to the word count on the report. The time log can be completed using a Google Doc or Excel Spreadsheet. It should clearly demonstrate:

How long each of you were working on this report, and when. If you were working on the report together in the same location, indicate this clearly.

For each such interval recorded in the log, what particular section of the report you were working on.

If your group members are not doing their share of the work, and this cannot be resolved, please contact the primary convener. We will act by adjusting marks if somebody is not doing their share of work.


Marking Criteria. Please refer to the above specific questions, and address them in your report. The mark weightings are as follows:


Planning Document Questions Max. word-limit Marks
Identify the Problem 1 500 5 (1.6%)
Quantify Project Approval Factors 2 700 20 (6.4%)
Undertake a cost/benefit analysis 3 700 10 (3.2%)
Perform a Risk and Feasibility Analysis 4 700 8 (2.6%)
Establish the Project Environment 5 700 20 (6.4%)
Schedule the Work 6 500 15(4.8%)
Total 3,800 78 (25%)
Mark deductions (after):
Demerit areas Marks
Not using the report template (1802ICT-Foundations of Systems Development -3%
Report Template.doc)
Not writing Report Title, Student name, Student Number, etc. at the first page -1%
Not writing the Executive Summary -1%
Not writing the Introduction section -1%
Exceeding the maximum word-limit – 2%
Not attaching time log ( must be added in the Appendix section of the report ) -2%




  • Report Template: Students must use the report template, uploaded at the Assessment page, to submit this Assignment. Information regarding mark distribution, word-limit, etc. in the template file is for the whole assignment.


  • Word-limit: The maximum word-limit will be strictly applied. The marker can deduct marks for writing over this word-limit. So, make sure your answer to each question is within the given word-limit. There is no maximum word-limit applicable for Title, Executive Summary and Introduction sections.


  • Start early & submit on-time: Avoid any pitfalls that may arise due to late start. Thus, start your assignment as soon as possible to submit on-time. For late submissions, the standard assessment submission policy will be applied (see the course profile).


  • Appendix: You may add an appendix and put screen shots of your calculations as evidence for certain answers. Appendices do not contribute to the word count of the document.
  • Reference: You may add a reference section and include any references, including publications (literature, books, etc.), which you want to refer to support you answers.
  • Consultation: You will have the opportunity to show your assignment draft to your tutors in workshops/labs. A number of assignment consultation slots will be organised; just follow the announcements from the course convenor.
  • Contact: Please contact the course convenor if you have any issues or confusions.


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