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Accounting: Introduction To E-commerce

Accounting: Introduction To E-commerce



1. Determine whether it is in the exposure stage, interaction stage, e-commerce stage or ebusiness stage. Provide reasons for your answer.
2. Provide an estimation of the hardware and software requirements of the current website.
3. Analyse the current website and formulate an E-Commerce implementation strategy to present to the owner of the website. E-Commerce implementation strategy should take into account all the services of the website.
4. Provide an estimation of the hardware and software requirements of the proposed ECommerce website you proposed in Question 3.


Electronic commerce is a form of business model that helps an individual or an organization to maintain their business process with the help of electronic network or internet. E-commerce process is able to deal with four type of market segmentation including b2b, b2c, c2c and c2b. This particular study has provided a website of Grey Teak, a software development company established in Australia. By evaluating the three questions, based on this website some of the major requirements regarding hardware and software have been pointed out.

1). Determine whether it is in the exposure stage, interaction stage, e-commerce stage or e-business stage

This particular software development company can be categorized in e-commerce stage due to several reasons. With the help of e-commerce, organizations generally intend to expand their business process in various geographical areas. Grey Teak has decided to form an official website to promote their business in different countries. The realm of electronic commerce is wide and vast (Beynon-Davies 2013). From the website, it has been observed that Grey Teak has provided an in-depth overview about the company’s history and their services and product. With the help of internet and online promotional activities people of various geographical areas can acquire an in-depth knowledge about the service facilities and product quality of this company.

2). Provide an estimation of the hardware and software requirements of the current website

This website needs some of the major hardware requirements. These are as follows: Download server is highly important for this particular website. With the help of download server, the users would be able to receive any kind of data from a particular remote system. The need of digital camera is highly important. A digital camera along with the video capability will definitely help the users to take necessary photos and video. The user would be able to download those photos (Monteiro, Swatman and Tavares 2013). If the photos and the videos can be collected from the own website, the users would not have to think about copyright infringement on behalf of other media. Data base server helps to transform data from one computer to another. With the help of this particular hardware, the users would be able to collect necessary information from the current website to their personal computer.

The software that can be required for the current website is MS windows server, MS windows enterprise server, SQL server and so many. Windows server is a brand that primarily helps to operate systems which is released by Microsoft. Windows server is mainly applicable for the web server (Niranjanamurthy et al. 2013). MS windows server is primarily useful for database management. By maintaining this software, the current website would be able to keep a constant record over the entire process of business.


3). Analyze the current website and formulate an e-commerce implementation strategy to present to the owner of the website. E-commerce implementation strategy should take into account all the services of the website.

With the help of e-commerce business process, the company would be able to build their image beyond going any particular geographical boundary. E-commerce primarily helps one particular company to sell their products and service by utilizing the popularity of internet. Belonging in the current era, customer behavior has become a serious issue (Shaikh and Patil 2014). Customers before purchasing a particular product intends to gather an in-depth knowledge about the sustainability and reliability of a product. In this case, of e-commerce helps immensely. For an example, in the official website of Grey Teak, the organization has provided a detailed overview about the company’s goals and objectives.

The available products and services have also been mentioned in this particular website. Therefore, consumers before using the service of Grey Teak can get the scope to view the website of this company. In addition, Grey Teak has provided an extra opportunity for the clients (Sohaib and Kang 2012). In the website, the company has decided to add a ‘client log in’ page. Te clients in this particular page can get the scope to sign up. They can provide their feedback to the service providers regarding their service quality and product. With the help of this client log in page customers of different geographical areas can easily communicate with the company’s service providers. As a result, consumers do not have to visit the office physically.

This kind of e-commerce process is also fruitful for the company as well. After collecting the feedback from the customers, the service providers intend to provide the immediate feedback to the managers. As a result, the managers of various departments can come to know about the demands and needs of the customers. With the help of e-commerce business relation, customers not only intend to provide a positive feedback to the company; rather a large amount of complaints have been received in the service providers’ forum regarding the product quality and service process.

The service providers like to keep a chronological record about the negative feedback of the company. As per the feedback and current trend of needs and demands of customers, the managers like to change their business strategy (Waghmare 2012). However, in spite of numerous advantages of e-commerce business, this particular process is not devoid of some of its major disadvantages. Customers who are not very much accustomed with the advancement of technology have to face immense difficulties to acquire a detailed knowledge about the company with the help of new media. As a result, the company has to face obstacles to communicate with such kind of customers. It is also undeniable that Australia is advanced in technology. Therefore, most of the people are well familiar with the term e-commerce business. In addition, with the help of e-commerce the organization like Grey Teak get the change to expand their business in the international market.

4). Provide an estimation of the hardware and the software requirements of the proposed e-commerce website

The hardware that is fervently required for the proposed e-commerce website includes digital camera, data base server, web server, download and so many. In addition, the software that is fully needed to make an effective e-commerce website is the latest version of Ms windows server, SQL Server, and so many.


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