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ACS code of ethics

Professional Ethics: ACS Code Of Professional Conduct


Discuss the Professional Ethics for ACS Code of Professional Conduct.


Ethical Scenario

The creation for the code of ethics in an organization provides guidelines and acts as references to an individual when solving ethical dilemmas that may arise when carrying out the duties and responsibilities (Australian Computer Society, 2014). As a system analyst, I am supposed to uphold the accepted ethical standards for an ICT professional before making any decisions. I will first analyze the accounts records and present them to the management. Next, I will have a discussion with management to persuade them to stop the deactivation process by explaining what may have caused them to be dormant in their engagement and participation with the organization. Deactivation for the account for the accounts is a risky step as we may end up losing some for the existing customers in our data records. Some of the customers may be having genuine reasons as to why they are not active in the business programs. Such reasons may include personal challenges and financial problems that cause them to be dormant for a long time. If the management accepts to implement my opinion for giving customers time to activate their accounts, I will contact and inform them about the situation and request them to frequently use their accounts to build a better customer relationship with the organization. If the management does not agree with my idea, I will move on with the deactivation process as instructed to avoid conflict for interest with the authorities.

ACS code of ethics

The main society value in the ACS document that has guided me in the situation is, to be honest, and impartial in every presentation, decision, and action I take. Honesty facilitates the significance for reliable and credible knowledge and data presented to the management.  The other ethical values include; professional development and competence, which enhances the respect and protects the stakeholder’s interest (Australian Computer Society, 2014). In this situation, competency skills to advice the management stop the deactivation for the accounts.  Being ethical helps an ICT professional helps in promoting his/her moral behavior, prevents the negative effects that may be applied on him due to misconduct and also assist one to uphold to the values for the organization and the society as a whole. In addition, the observation of professional ethics facilitates accountability and integrity in the workplace. In addition, public trust in the ICT profession enhances public trust and encourages them to continuously seek services for this field (Australian Computer Society, 2014).

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