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Assignment help on MATHS8001 M Math Science

Assignment help on MATHS8001 M Math Sciences (F/T)

Maths is a field of study which opens an opportunity to a wide variety of interesting professions. It is used in every profession whether it is accounts, business, management or science. All the streams use maths for one or other calculation. A large number of students get enrolled in different mathematics courses offered in graduate, postgraduate and Ph.D. programs.

MATHS8001 M Math Sciences (F/T) is a research course taught by a federal university. It is one of the important high degree course offered at the university. The student interested in the subject enrolls themselves in part time or full-time master’s degree in the mathematics program.

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Topics we would cover in MATHS8001

  1. The calculus of a single variable
    • Classical algebra and geometry
    • Basic arithmetic relationships
    • Quadratics
    • Integer and series notation
    • The arithmetic series
    • Powers and roots
    • Multiplying and dividing power series
  2. Trigonometry
    • Simple properties
    • Scalars, vectors, and vector notation
    • Rotation
    • Trigonometric sums and differences
    • Trigonometric of the hour angles
    • The laws of sines and cosines
  3. The derivative
    • Infinitesimals and limits
    • Combinatory
    • The binomial theorem
    • Basic manipulation of the derivative
  4. The complex exponential
    • The real exponential
    • The natural logarithm
    • Fast and slow functions
    • Complex exponentials and de Moivre
  5. Primes, roots and averages
    • Prime numbers
    • The existence and number of roots
    • Addition and averages
  6. The integral
    • The concept of the integral
    • The antiderivative
    • Operators, linearity and multiple integrals
    • Areas and volumes
  7. The Taylor series
    • The power-series expansion of 1/(1 − z)n+1
    • Shifting a power series’ expansion point
    • Expanding functions in Taylor series
    • Analytic continuation
  8. Integration techniques
    • Integration by antiderivative
    • Integration by substitution
    • Integration by parts
    • Integration by unknown coefficients
    • Integration by closed contour
  9. Cubics and quartics
    • Vieta’s transform
    • Cubics
    • Superfluous roots
    • Edge cases
    • Quartics
  10. The matrix
    • Provenance and basic use
    • The Kronecker delta
    • Dimensionality and matrix forms
    • The elementary operator
    • Inversion and similarity

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