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BFGGC3210 Financial Planning Assignment Help

BFGGC3210 Financial Planning Assignment Help

Planning of finances is important for every person whether he is a school-going child or a retired citizen. As early one learns to manage cash more benefits he gets. Let’s suppose you failed in managing your expenses and once in the future you decided to buy a house. You can’t as you hardly have done any savings. This is often what happens when you don’t know how to balance cash.

This unit provides associate introduction to the method and surroundings of economic designing, essential to anyone who is following a career within the monetary designing trade. Students gain skills and information concerning the role of economic service advisers and also the client/adviser relationship; compliance and ethics related issues; securities and managed funding, and connected Taxation implications; social security systems; superannuation, pensions and alternative retirement issues; and estate designing. These topics are learned and integrated through the study of economics and also the actual preparation of a financial statement.

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Some of the topics we teach are

  • Financial Planning
  • Smart Goals
  • How to achieve your goals?
  • Risk vs. Return
  • The Power of Compounding
  • Inflation Effects on Investments
  • Savings vs. Investments
  • Loans vs. Investments
  • Investment vehicles
  • Investment Strategies
  • How not to lose money?
  • How to begin investing?
  • Killer Myths that Financial Planners Believe in and its killing their Business
  • ways to Build Successful Practice
  • Interesting Journey of a Financial Planner
  • Tools which can help Financial Advisors to grow their Business
  • How to Talk about your FEES to Potential Clients
  • Levels of services — Which one are you providing to your clients?
  • Give your prospects (just) a taste!
  • Inspiring ways to become a True Financial Planner 9.
  • Who you are as an advisor- Farmer or Hunter?
  • Strong reasons why financial planners should write a blog


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