BSBLDR501 Develop and use Emotional Intelligence

Referencing Styles: APA

You need to intervene effectively to solve this performance issue. You will need to plan and conduct a coaching session with Pat to get both Pat’s and the team’s performance back on track.
In the session ensure you:
●    Introduce the session positively by establishing why the coaching is occurring and ask Pat for input:
â—‹    Ask Pat to describe own performance, personal situation, obstacles to performance, feelings and job satisfaction.
â—‹    Model emotional intelligence through empathy and listening skills.
●    Build Pat’s awareness of emotional intelligence weaknesses and strengths – make sure you focus on Pat’s strengths.
●    Using the GROW model, establish Pat’s goals and performance gaps (reality):
â—‹    Build Pat’s awareness of performance shortcomings and how emotional self-awareness and empathy can help identify personal obstacles to success with Pat’s goals, peer relationships and help the whole team and organization to succeed.
●    Continuing with the GROW model, establish and discuss reasonable options:
â—‹    Allow Pat to provide most of the options for reaching personal, professional and team goals.
●    Continuing with the GROW model, establish Pat’s willingness to perform (and increase EI) in measurable and observable ways:
â—‹    Establish a firm commitment from Pat to improve performance and help build a better team climate.

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