BSBWRT401 Write complex documents task 2 2

BSBWRT401 Write complex documents task 2

BSBWRT401 Write complex documents task 2

Task 2 – Draft Social media Performance objective You must demonstrate an ability to create, draft, edit and produce social media content. Assessment description You will use the planning you conducted in Assessment Task 1 to complete a draft of the social media content. Your social media content would take the form of an online article or a blog post around the DAWG case study and should have a word count of roughly 300 words. You will then meet with your client (role played by your assessor) and receive additional information to integrate with the draft. You will use this information to complete a final version of the draft. Procedure 1. Based on the plan you created in Assessment Task 1, write a draft social media post of no less than 300 words. 2. Edit the draft report in 6. Your meeting should include a review process to ensure that document objectives are achieved and requirements are met. 7. Ensure your documents includes relevant graphical content 8. Ensure that word processing software was used to address basic design elements to text 9. Integrate the additional information into your draft. 10. Write the final draft copy. 11. Submit all marked-up drafts and the final report to your assessor. Specifications You must: ● submit documents: ○ marked-up drafts with track changes and comments ○ final document. ● participate in a client meeting to receive feedback and additional information. Your assessor will be looking for marked-up drafts and editorial comments that: ● indicate attention to satisfying task and organisational requirements: ○ correct grammar, punctuation, spelling, style ○ adherence to style guide ○ attention to specific task requirements Your assessor will be looking for: ● uses correct spacing, heading size and style specified by style guide ● uses language and style appropriate to task and audience: tone, vocabulary, sentence structure, etc. ● uses a complex, coherent structure of linked paragraphs with simple and complex grammar as appropriate for the task: ○ linking words ○ lexical chains ○ compound sentences ○ subordinate clauses. ● includes graphical elements. ● integrates additional information with the original draft Your assessor will also be looking for your ability to interact with people in a workplace environment using interpersonal skills: o collaborating, negotiating and listening to others o appropriate and professional tone o appropriate vocabulary o appropriate body language.

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