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BSHSP1015 Food and Beverage Service Principles

BSHSP1015 Food and Beverage Service Principles Assignment Help

Food and beverage also known as f & b services is an industry which focuses on making and delivery of food. Students studying these subjects are placed in restaurants, bars, hotels and resorts. The food and beverage principle is a course which demands no pre requisite knowledge and aims to teach student various skills related food and beverage services. It’ll specialise in food and drink service cycle; service techniques and equipment; variation of menus and general product information needed in food and liquid services. It’ll additionally examine state and federal legislation that impacts on food and drink services.


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Topic we would cover in BSHSP1015

  1. Fundamentals of Food and Beverage Management
    • The Food Service Industry
    • Fundamentals of Management
    • Organisation of Food and Beverage Operations
    • Fundamentals of Food and Beverage Marketing
  2. The Challenge of the Food and Beverage Operations
    • The control function
    • Customer expectations and service delivery
    • Logistics of supply
  3. Planning for Food and Beverage Management
    • Determining food and beverage standards
    • Operations budgeting and cost-volume-profit analysis
    • The menu – the foundation for control
  4. Menu Management
    • Nutrition
    • The Menu
    • Standard Product Costs and Pricing Strategies
    • Pricing Menu Items
    • Principles of Gross Profits -Stock Control
  5. Product Costs and Pricing Strategies
    • Pricing Menu Items
    • Break Even Analysis
    • Stock Control Methods
    • Controlling Margins / Profitability
  6. Designing Effective Food and Beverage Management Systems
    • Procedures for supplier selection
    • Ethical and professional standards
    • Purchasing and receiving controls
    • Storing and Issuing controls
    • Production and serving costs
    • Control analysis, corrective action and evaluation
  7. Managing Labour Costs
    • Labour cost controls
    • Implementing labour cost management
    • Formulation of Rosters
  8. Quality and Quantity Concerns
    • Quality as product/service features
    • The value of customers
    • The value of hospitality staff
    • Quality Management – ISO 9000 quality standards


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