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CAB202 Assignment 2

CAB202 Assignment 2 ‘ZombieDash’ on a Microcontroller

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For this assignment, you must implement a version of the ‘ZombieDash’ video game on the Teensy LCD board. The game is to be written in the C programming language. The implementation will make use of the LCD screen, buttons, LEDs, potentiometer, and ATMEGA32 chip. Your code must be written for the Teensy and must compile using the AVR-LIBC environment. You may not use any other libraries besides those which have been used in the tutorials.

The assignment will be done individually or in groups of two (no more than two under any circumstances). The exact specifications for your task (see the appropriate section) will depend on whether you are completing the assignment individually or in a group. You will demonstrate your game, explain the implementation, and be asked a variety of questions about your game during a designated marking timeslot in week 13. This session will examine your knowledge of your code and understanding of the operations you are demonstrating. If you cannot explain why and how parts of your code perform what they do, then you will not receive marks for that section.

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