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CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People

CHCDIV001 Work with Diverse People

Referencing Styles: Footnotes and bibliography

Knowledge questions
Carefully read through each question posed.  Reflect on your learning unit and your own research.  In your response, you should use terms and phrases that you defined in your previous assessment. In order to fully demonstrate your knowledge in this area of study, you should aim to present 180 words for each response.  A minimum of 150 words for each response is required.
Please note: Where the word count is not met, your submission will be returned to you for re-working.

1.    Your practice has just employed a dental assistant who is profoundly deaf.  As you are the senior assistant at the practice, your manager has asked that you mentor this person to ensure their smooth transition into the business.  While you have mentored other new employees in the past, you have never experienced working with a deaf person.  What strategies will you use in order to reflect on your own beliefs and values and ensure that the new person receives all the assistance they need?
2.      Your practice has made a commitment to embrace diversity, and management is eager to demonstrate how they are promoting and acknowledging the difference.  Your supervisor has asked you to attend a diversity meeting with other team leaders and would like your input about what to include in a diversity policy.  Outline the types of inclusions that should be in that policy.
3.    Imagine that you have been transported to a place in the world where the culture, language, traditions, values, beliefs and practices, food, dress, gender roles, religious beliefs, individual rights, family roles, and child-rearing practices are completely different to your own.  You are required to live in this place for six months without any contact with your home or family.
Describe how you might feel and what would you miss most.  What assistance would you like from your new community to help you settle in and feel safe?  Describe how you might translate this self-reflection to your work with customers and colleagues from a culture other than your own.
4.    A new trainee has begun working at your practice.  He has only recently arrived in Australia from a country that expects women to behave very differently to the way women behave here.  He holds those attitudes, and this has resulted in a number of incidents where there has been friction between him, other staff, and customers.  When his manager has a discussion with him, he responds positively and understands that he needs to modify his behavior in order to continue working at the center.  Outline at least six qualities that the trainee could embrace in order to achieve success
5.    Your manager recognizes the value of inclusion and mentoring and has asked you to become a mentor to the new trainee from the scenario in Q.4.  The manager believes that you are a hard worker with excellent interpersonal skills.  What are the positive effects that the manager believes will result from this pairing, and how will you go about mentoring the trainee?
6.    Allira is a Murri woman.  She enjoys sharing her culture with customers and colleagues and feels proud that she has contributed to a better understanding of her people.  She is an active member of her community and both contributes to and participates in a range of social and cultural activities.  Allira has been granted a week of special leave to assist in planning activities for Sorry Day.  The practice manager becomes extremely concerned when he hears two employees discussing the unfairness of Allira being granted special leave for Sorry Day.  “I don’t know why they have Sorry Day anyway.  It’s time they moved on!”
Why should the practice manager be concerned about this discussion from a business, legal, and ethical perspective?  What would be a more positive and worthwhile response to Allira attending Sorry Day activities?  What information could the practice manager provide?
7.     Describe in your own words the meaning of ‘marginalised’ when it applies to groups of people.  What do you see as potential needs of these groups?
8.    Q.1 looked at the scenario of a practice employing a dental assistant who happens to be profoundly deaf.  What types of resources are available for this person to ensure that their needs are met, and what is available for all employees of the practice to ensure that they have an awareness of those needs?
9.  What can you see as some of the influences and changing practices in Australia and their impact on Australian society’s diverse communities?

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