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CIS8100 E-Commerce Implementation

CIS8100 E-Commerce Implementation

Learning targets and graduate abilities tried

exhibit comprehension of the key drivers and difficulties looked by computerized ventures that incorporate innovation foundation, business forms, internet-based life, shopper conduct and worldwide markets (Problem comprehending)

show the capacity to examine and basically assess web-based business plans of action to pick up comprehension of their business application for changing advanced undertakings (Academic, proficient and computerized education)

show the functional aptitudes required to figure and assess an intelligent arrangement for a computerized undertaking, build up a model business site dependent on this arrangement and archive and basically assess the finished result (Problem explaining).

exhibit the capacity to compose viably in a reasonable and compact way in report style for senior administration (Written and oral correspondence)

Referencing Requirements

References are required and the Harvard AGPS standard of referencing must be utilized. This standard is point by point on USQ Library Site

Guarantee that your reports are fully referenced, including any reference to the course reading. Your report ought to include in content references and a List of References.

Try not to rehash verbatim extensive chunks of data from different sources, for example, the content – you should put the thoughts/data in your very own words.

You must use at least ten (10) scholastically stable sources other than the textbook in finishing this report.

Task 3 Specification

Task 3 requires you to introduce an answer to talk about execution issues in the internet business the executives part, including further expanding your model site from Assignment 2 to encourage web-based business exchanges dependent on the same online business category as in Assignment 2.

You will be required to broaden the advancement of your model site utilizing the Joomla! content administration framework in. Insights regarding setting up your site at is given in Joomla Workshop 1.

Your usage report and model site must be identified with the online business classification appointed to you. Failure to do as such will result in your assignments being rejected and no imprints will be distributed.

Report: E-commerce Implementation 70 marks
Report Structure and Presentation 5

Your report should include a title page, Table of Contents (including List of Tables and List of Figures if applicable) and Appendices.

Report Letter of Transmittal, Executive Summary, and Introduction 5

(Introduction – approx. 250 words)

Your report should include a letter of transmittal, executive summary, an introduction to the report.


Report Section 1 – Implementation Plan (approx. 750 words) 10

The systems development life cycle (SDLC) is a methodology to understand the business objectives of information systems and to design appropriate information systems. Using the SDLC methodology, construct an implementation plan for the e-commerce presence for your online business.

The SDLC for an e-commerce site involves five major steps: Systems analysis, systems design, building the system, testing the system and continuing maintenance of the system. As a planning report, please list how these steps will be performed for your e-commerce website with reference to the e-commerce strategy adopted in Assignment 2.

Report Section 2 – Social Marketing Campaign (approx. 750 words) 10

The social marketing process is a series of five steps or stages: fan acquisition, engagement, amplification, community, and finally brand strength or sales.

Briefly explain the five steps and suggest how your website can assist during the five steps of the social marketing campaign.

Report Section 3 – Privacy in Social Networks (approx. 750 words) 10

Your online website provides a link to social networks for better engagement with your customers. While such interactions are beneficial, your business is considering to adopt ethical ways to manage customer information on social networks.

Your business has decided to alert your existing customers regarding social network communication. You are asked to research why do social networks pose a unique problem to the issue of information privacy, and how might sharing personal information on a social site adversely affect a user? Your research findings will be emailed to your customers and hosted in your website.

Report Section 4 – Challenges in Online Retail (approx. 750 words) 10

Along with opportunities, there are unique challenges that online retailers face. Considering your online business category, describe three operational challenges that you may face, compared to offline business operations. Justify how each challenge is applicable to your business with an example.


Report: Conclusions and Recommendations to the Business (approx. 250 words)      5

Your report should include separate conclusions and recommendations sections.

  • Conclusions provide a summary of your key findings from the body of the report.
  • Recommendations provide a summary of the recommendations to your online business based on the implementation study conducted in the report.
Report: Referencing and Appropriateness of Sources 5

References are required and the Harvard AGPS standard of reference must be used. This standard is detailed on USQ Library Site.

Ensure that your reports are fully referenced, including any reference to the textbook. Your report should include in-text references and a List of References.

Do not repeat verbatim large slabs of information from other sources such as the text – you must put the ideas/information in your own words.

You must use at least ten (10) academically sound sources other than the textbook in completing this report.

Report: Appendix 1 Journal 10


Prepare a journal that records your activities and research related to completing this assignment. In date order, clearly list the following:

  • Date of research & project activity
  • The full description of activity/discussion
  • The time duration of the activity

Submit this journal as Appendix 1 in the Report.

Checklist: Prototype Joomla                                                                30 marks

Ensure you set up your Joomla! website and complete the activities as listed in the checklist document. Your Joomla! Website URL should be accessible for the marker to assess the activities undertaken as per the checklist document.

  1. Overall Presentation & Functionality Enhancements (5)
  2. Product/ Service Catalogue (5)
  3. Shopping Cart/ Enquiry Form (5)
  4. Account Registration & Login (5)
  5. Checkout/ Order Processing & Payment (5)
  6. Discussion Forums/ Blog (5)

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