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coit 20246

  1. The text discusses how modern CPUs function. Recently a critical flaw in microprocessor design has been discovered that allows two extremely serious security exploits: Spectre and Meltdown. Find and summarise ONE resource that describes how either of these exploits work. The resource (and your summary) should focus on what is occurring in the CPU that allows these exploits to occur.
  2. Prior to 1985. there were very few Operating Systems (OSes) that used Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs). Find and summarise ONE resource that describes ONE of these GUI operating systems. The OS must have been release prior to 1985 so cannot be Microsoft Windows.
  3. Low-Powered Wide-Area Networks (LPWANs) are wireless communication networks that are characterised by linking devices over large distances. Devices (including simple sensors) typically can only communicate at very low bit rates. however. the communication and associated electronics consume very little power. As such. LPWAN devices can be battery powered and operate independently for many months or even years. Find and summarise ONE resource that describes ONE platform or technology that implements a LPWAN.
  4. Voice over IP (VolP) is a group of hardware and software technologies that -allow users to communicate via voice and video over the Internet. VcIP uses a number of different software protocols, depending on the application. Find and summarise ONE resource that describes ONE of these VoIP protocols.
  5. One of the many uses of cryptography has been the development of the blockchain. Blockchains are commonly used as the basis for maintaining the data integrity of crypto currencies, though have many, many more applications. Find and summarise ONE resource that describes how blockchains work. Note that the resource should focus on the blockchain mechanism, NOT crypto currencies.
  6. One controversial practical application of network traffic management is in the contravention of the principle of “net neutrality”. Find and summarise ONE resource that describes what net neutrality is and how its contravention could impact on individual and business users of the Internet.
  7. Information Systems have led to greater and greater degrees of automation in the workplace. There is currently extensive speculation on which jobs will cease to be performed by humans in the near future. Find and summarise ONE resource that discusses jobs that are likely to not exist in the future due to ICT based automation. Note that the resource must clearly link the loss of the job(s) to advances in ICT.
  8. With the advent of mass data collection and storage has come the use of these datasets for machine learning. Find and summarise ONE resource that describes what machine learning is and how it is being used.
  9. Critical to application development are the languages used to implement the specifications. Find and summarise ONE resource that describes ONE programming language that has been developed since 2008. The resource (and your summary) should include information on the principle uses and features of the language.

10.While information systems and technology deliver many benefits to society. They can also result in negative effects and outcomes. One recent controversy, the propagation of fake news and its influence on elections, has been linked to a type of software called a “bot. Find and summarise ONE resource that describes what bots are and how they can be used for disseminating misinformation and affecting human behaviour.

coit 20246

Hint 3: Look at these examples

Note the reasons why the excellent response gets the marks. Pay special attention to why the second example would result in an academic misconduct case and the potential for you for fail the assignment or the unit!!!

coit 20246

Hint 4: Ask!

If something in this assignment description is unclear, or you are just not 100% sure about something. please ask for help. Your teaching team really do not mind if you ask us to clarify something. We do mind when we have to fail you because you haven’t submitted what was asked or met the assignment requirements 4

coit 20246

What do I need to submit?

You are required to submit a single document in Microsoft Word format (.doc or .docx). Use the templets as me basis for your submission. Apart from providing your response to the weekly tasks, do not modify the document -especially do not delete the marking sheet.

coit 20246

Marking Criteria

A detailed tabular marking criteria is provided as part of your submission template – please ensure you read it before attempting the assignment. You will be assessed on the relevance of the resources you select as well as the clarity and detail of your discussions.

coit 20246

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