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COMR2000 Management, Leadership

COMR2000 Management, Leadership and Professional Practice

Course name : COMR2000 Management, Leadership and Professional Practice
University Name : Torrens University Australia        

Assessment Overview

Assessment 1 – Contribution to the learning community

Thorough preparation and willingness to actively participate in class discussions is essential to the educational process. Those who complete all exercises and readings and share their thoughts are more likely to learn and retain more from the course.

You can hope to be chosen aimlessly to give a synopsis of readings and additionally present your musings on discourse themes or answers for the activities for pertinent modules– please come to class arranged. Your interest in online talk discussions isn’t compulsory, however very supported.The accompanying variables will affect the evaluation of class interest:

pertinence to the subject and the phase of the discussion

careful arrangement for the class

information of the course material to date

knowledge and a feeling of judgment

noteworthy commitment to the class talk

the trigger for another bearing in the discussion

individual understudies’ regard for the perspective raised

show of initiative characteristics

A little measure of good quality esteemed more exceedingly than a lot of low quality

Appraisal 2 – Test/test

The test will be led toward the finish of the course (explicit time to be exhorted). The shut book test will contain up to 30 questions and short answers (key ideas, week by week learning goals) and one brief paper type question (decision of two inquiries).

Evaluation 3 – Short Reflective Essay

Evaluation 4 – Journal Feedback

The individual diary is relied upon to involve your appearance on all homework questions accommodated every module. In a serious class, I consider some adaptability in a principal couple of weeks, anyway anticipate that you should make up for lost time with all diary sections for the initial six modules before the finish of the third week. Kindly don’t abandon it till a minute ago, as you might be requested to present your diary with one day see on any day from the end of the third week onwards.

Your diary will be surveyed no less than 2 – multiple times amid the course (for instance, the first round of evaluation is probably going to cover the main couple of modules, the second – modules 3-4, and so on ). For every evaluation, you will get 3 peer marks dependent on the accompanying criteria:

The number of inquiries replied

The nature of answers

The nature of the introduction

Evaluation 5 – Group Assignment

As a component of the course, you will fill in as a gathering to investigate and take care of a particular business issue. Your gathering arrangement and theme will be chosen before the finish of Module 2.

You should approach the venture from the viewpoint of a specialist giving guidance on a particular issue confronting the association. Groups will be required to get ready and convey a 20-minute introduction. All individuals from the group will be required to introduce. The introduction will be coordinated to the administration of a basic leadership body that is enabled to affirm or dismiss the group’s suggestion.

The evaluation of gathering introductions will be founded on the accompanying variables:

Lucidity and careful quality with which the group distinguishes and explains business issues

The gauge (profundity and broadness) of group’s investigation, critical thinking and basic leadership

The expansiveness, profundity and common sense of the group’s proposals, level of detail and explicitness of prescribed activities, bore of supporting contentions

Introduction structure, stream, rationale and style; capacity to keep up the focal point of the gathering of people

The level of planning, polished methodology, vitality, excitement and aptitudes exhibited in conveying the introduction

By and large influential intensity of the introduction

Report substance and introduction, the nature of business written

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