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COMR2007- International Experience Assignment 2

COMR2007- International Experience Assignment 2- Reflective Journal entries

Course name : COMR2007- International Experience Assignment 2- Reflective Journal entries
University Name : Torrens University Australia        

Learning Outcomes

  • Demonstrate an awareness and understanding of intercultural competence
  • Demonstrate knowledge of a range of theories needed to successfully live together in a culturally diverse world.
  • Develop skills in mindfulness and critical reflection and awareness that supports your own development of intercultural competence
  • Apply an awareness and understanding of intercultural competence to students’ discipline.


Reflective writing is evidence of reflective thinking, and is a process where you can learn from your experiences. In particular, the reflective journal assessment in this subject supports you to explore and articula te your intercultural learning and its relevance to your personal, social and professional life. To guide you in your reflective writing, you will be given “prompts” that will encourage you to critically consider what you have learnt.


You will total three intelligent diary passages for this subject. For every diary passage, compose somewhere around 500 words, drawing explicitly from the subject’s learning assets and your very own free research (if you don’t mind show by utilizing APA referencing). React straightforwardly to the diary incite for every task. You are required to:

React to the diary incite featuring something you have gained from the subject’s assets and your encounters.

Consider and dissect issues exhibited in the incite. You are urged to ponder the significance of key ideas/thoughts exhibited to your experienc e, earlier learning, working environment or area.

Adequately convey and exhibit learning by talking about key thoughts/ideas from assets (and alluding to creators utilizing APA referencing ).

Verbalize the centrality of your realizing (why it is important).

Distinguish how you can utilize your adapting, particularly in connection to individual, social and expert settings.

Intelligent Journal Entry: Part A – due end of Module 2

Provoke: ‘Feeling like a fish out of water’

The articulation in English-“feeling like a fish out of water”- is utilized to portray encounters and circumstances when we feel extremely awkward, when we are out of our ordinary scope of exercises or condition.

DiAngelo and Sensoy (2014) state: a angle is naturally introduced to water thus just encounters the water as one with itself; a fish has no chance to get of realizing that it is really discrete from the water. Furthermore, despite the fact that the fish is independent, regardless it can’t make due without water. Similarly that a fish can’t live without water, we can’t comprehend the world without the importance making framework that our way of life gives. However this framework is difficult to see since we have dependably been “swimming” inside it; we simply underestimate that what we see is genuine, as opposed to a view of our existence.

This echoes the Chinese saying, If you need to think about water, don’t ask the goldfish

Consider the above statements with regards to intercultural learning and investigating social contrasts. “Water” alludes to the things that we for the most part underestimate about our world. What have you turned out to be progressively mindful about because of your intercultural learning as far as your water-since beginning this subject?

Intelligent Journal Entry: Part B – due end of Module 4

Provoke: ‘Suspicions of others’

Watch “What sort of Asian are you?” at Talk about whether you or somebody you know has had a comparative ordeal as depicted in the film. Portray your considerations and responses to the video itself, just as your feelings identifying with your very own encounters. Apply the hypotheses and thoughts you have found out about in this subject so far to clarify the conduct shown by the two people in the film. Investigate the work that you have finished for this subject to date to check whether you can recognize any suspicions of others that you may have expounded on. Talk about your discoveries.

Intelligent Journal Entry: Part C-due end of Module 5

Incite: ‘Rehearsing fringe crossing’

Your undertaking is to deliberately settle on a choice to associate with someone else who you have not spoken with previously and who has an alternate foundation and educational encounters from yourself. Your decision ought to include a dimension of uneasiness; a level of apparent distinction is important. In any case, kindly do guarantee your very own wellbeing. Enter an exchange in a soul of receptiveness. Participate in a discussion of importance, past the essential contents, for example, “How are you? Fine. It’s hot today”. Ask open-finished inquiries that create certified reactions and advancement of exchange. Work on listening aptitudes. After the association, think about the discourse. Portray how simple or troublesome it was for you to grasp another person’s perspective, from their point of view (not yours!). While rehearsing ‘fringe crossing’ did you get an opportunity to comprehend otherness in its very own terms or did you just ‘see’ or recognize contrast without investigating otherness in more profundity?

If you don’t mind note: If your first endeavor at outskirt crossing is unsuccessful, you should attempt once more!

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