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FINA2005 Derivatives and Risk Management

Course Code and Title FINA2005 Derivatives and Risk Management

Assignment details

Using five recent annual reports discuss the following aspect of an ASX listed company

  • Types of risks the company faces
  • Sources of risks
  • Identify the financial and non-financial risks
  • Risk management strategy
  • Instruments used
  • Types of derivative instrument used
  • The intended purpose of using derivatives
  • Trends of derivative use


Structure of the report

The report should include the following structure:

  1. Introduction: Discuss the main business of the company, its sources of risk, the importance of its risk management.
  2. Explain the risk governance (or risk management) system in place including the risk management strategies
  3. Outline the different types of instruments including the types of derivatives used
  4. Analyze whether the derivatives are fulfilling the purposes that the company intended to use these for
  5. Is the derivative use increasing or decreasing? Can you relate the change in derivative use to company characteristics such as size, risk or leverage?
  6. Conclusions as to the role the derivatives are playing for the company.


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