• To professionally implement an ICT-related project and communicate the analysis and evaluation with stakeholders;
  • To describe and demonstrate an understanding of the project and how it supports a business or organizational need;
  • To identify appropriate objectives and learning strategies to achieve future goals and project success.


The resource materials, including lecture notes and workshops in CSC3600 and the previous courses you have undertaken.


  • Your team is to develop project plan documentation for your project. This documentation should be a single document covering at least the following parts:
  • Title Page (including project title, team members and your supervisor)
  • Section 1: Introduction
  • Section 2: Project Specification
  • Section 3: Project Design
  • Section 4: Time and Cost Management Plan
  • Section 4.1: Work break-down Structure and Task Scheduling
  • Section 4.2: Time and Cost Estimation
  • Section 4.3: Project Schedule
  • Section 5: Communication Management Plan
  • Section 6: Quality Management Plan
  • Section 7: Risk Management Plan
  • Section 8: Team Contract (Code of Conduct)
  • Section 9: Conclusion
  • References
  • Appendix: Contribution statement
  • – (Statement that all team members contributed equally to work related to the creation of this document OR a statement of required for conducting the assessment of team effectiveness.)
  • Sub-sections and headings should be added to the document per agreement within your team;
  • You are required to negotiate the content of the planning documentation with your team members and your supervisor.
  • The supervisor will assist and discuss the project and provide guidance on the content of your project planning documentation.
  • Refer to the Sample Project Plan for more details.

General Requirements

  • It is your responsibility to ensure that all aspects of the assessment rubric are covered by this document.
  • You should ensure that your work is legible, professionally laid out and that you have checked the spelling and grammar.


  • Submit the assignment through Assignment 2 Submission Portal.
  • For a team consisting of all CSC8600 students, only one copy of the document should be submitted. It is preferable that the document is submitted from the team leader’s account.
  • For a team mixing of CSC3600 and CSC8600 students, separate copies of the document should be prepared and submitted for CSC3600 and CSC8600 against their instructions respectively.
  • Students claim their contributions (as well respond to the document contents) by signing off the document. Thus, all team members should sign the documents before submission to receive the grade.
    • If a document does need to be submitted with the absence of any member’s signature, a statement needs to be attached to the document explaining why the member(s)’ signature(s) is missing in the submission.
    • A possible free tool for communication for e-signature is Adobe®EchoSign®. Note all parties need to register an account before being able to communicate with others and sign a document.
    • Email confirmation counts if the physical signature or e-signature (like above) is not possible or preferable. For such a case please attach email confirmations from all members to the end of the document.
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