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Deakin is one of the most popular educational institute in Australia which is also widely known among the students all around the world. Deakin University was established in year 1974 under the Deakin University act 1974 after the name of second prime minister of Australia i.e. Alfred Deakin. Deakin University is home to more than 47000 students every year wherein these students pursue admission in different courses so as to accomplish their studies and build their career in their particular educational discipline.

Courses and Subject- Deakin University Australia

Some of the major educational stream in which applications are being invited by Deakin University in Australia includes Faculty of Arts & education, Faculty of business & law, Faculty of health and strategic research center etc. Some of the major undergraduate courses in Deakin University Australia include Bachelor of arts, Bachelor of commerce, Bachelor of law, bachelor of business, bachelor of business, Bachelor of communication, Bachelor of computer science, Bachelor of education, Bachelor of health sciences, Bachelor of information system, Bachelor of business management and Bachelor of international studies etc. Popular post graduate courses in Australia includes Master of human resource management, Master of information systems, Master of information technology, master of international accounting, master of international finance, master of laws, master of legal studies, master of marketing, master of nursing practice, master of professional accounting, master of professional practice, master of public health, master of social work, master of sustainability, master of teaching and master of business administration.

Deakin Subjects

Deakin University allows students to choose different subjects to accomplish their undergraduate and post graduate courses. Popular subject range for Master of professional accounting include MAA703 Accounting for management, MAA716 Financial accounting, MAA725 Advanced accounting principle and practice, MAA753 Professional research and analysis, MAA763 Governance and fraud, MLC707 Commercial and corporate law, MPA701 Accounting, MPF753 Finance, MAA705 Corporate Auditing, MAA744 Strategic management accounting, MAA767 Integrated reporting and value creation, MLC703 Principle of income tax law, MPM701 Business process management and MPE781 Economics for managers etc.

Master of business administration subject includes MBA710 Business process management, MBA711 Accounting and analysis for managers, MBA712 Economics for managers, MBA720 marketing management, MBA721 People management, MBA722 Finance, MBA730 principle of leadership and MBA731 Strategy capstone etc.

Deakin Harvard Referencing|Harvard referencing deakin

Deakin university adopts the Deakin Harvard referencing style which has little variation over the traditional Harvard referencing style. Harvard referencing deakin is bit different and below example would provide a snapshot of the same

  • Traditional Harvard referencing with one author (intext and list)

Reference list view

Patterson, J. (2005). Maximum ride. New York: Little, Brown.

In text view

Gatsby’s infatuation with Daisy is often revealed in the story, often in simple phrases such as, “… he turned toward her with a rush of emotion” (Patterson, 2005).

  • Deakin Harvard referencing style with one author (reference list and in text)

Reference list view

Barker, C 2008 Cultural studies: theory and practice, 3rd edn, Sage, London

In text view

The concept of race ‘bears the traces of its origins in the biological discourse of social Darwinism’ (Barker 2008, p. 247).

Considering the above discussion for Deakin Harvard referencing and traditional Harvard referencing  it can be seen that there are significant differences and differences are self explanatory from above example. Deakin referencing Harvard can be easily learnt by the students of Deakin students and deakin Harvard referencing generator can be used in order to generate referencing.

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