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evaluate success

Evaluate Success Of Your Website

Evaluate Success Of Your Website



Discuss about the Evaluate Success of Your Website.



To identify and engage talented volleyball players and open up professional opportunities for them in the topflight professional leagues

To profile players and their achievements in order to motivate them to explore their talents optimally and perform better

To help the client generate traffic and use the site for sports related adverts

To evaluate a website success, one needs to consider the various metrics. They include:

  • Page views – this tracks the number of people who viewed the content on the website
  • Video views – tracks and displays the number of people who viewed a video on a website such as players engaging in a match. Achievable using YouTube Insights or other hosts specializing in video (Hawes, 2017).
  • Sharing metrics – these show the number of people sharing a website’s content through share buttons and links from Facebook, Google+, Twitter etc
  • Comments by readers on a website. This is achievable through comment system such as Disqus.
  • Time spent on pages – measures how long a visitor hangs out on a page (Wahhab, 2016).

Target audience

  • Volleyball fans
  • Young people to help them grasp what is volleyball
  • Volleyball hobbyists and researchers
  • Advertisers and financiers/sponsors



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evaluate success

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evaluate success

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