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Financial Services Assignment Help

Financial Services Assignment Help

If you are looking for professional guidance for your financial services assignment, then you are in the right place. has introduced the most impeccable financial services assignment help for the students of Australia, UK, USA and many more countries across the world.


In general, financial services refer to a broad range of economic services provided by a variety of financial institutions like banks, governmental and non-governmental credit institutions, insurance companies, credit card companies, corporate and consumer finance companies, stock brokerage organizations, investment banking institutions and other financial services businesses etc. For both developed and developing economies, financial services industry represents a significant percentage of nation’s GDP. A strong financial industry represents strong and legitimate banking practices and reduces corruption related to financial exchanges and finance services.

Types of Financial Services

Finance is used by individuals (personal financing), by governments (public finance), by businesses (corporate finance) and by a wide variety of other organizations.
In the United States of America, finance and insurance industry represented 7.9 percent or 1.24 trillion dollars of the country’s GDP in 2014. has brought expert financial services assignment help and its various aspects. Financial services industry comprises of the following institutions which provide consumers with a wide variety of financial services.

  1. Banking services

A bank is a financial institution that raises capital from one economic entity (typically an individual) and lends it to another economic entity (typically a business organization) either directly or indirectly through capital markets. The banking financial services are one of the most important sectors of financial services. There are two major types of banks operating in the world today:

  • Commercial banks: A commercial bank is an institution that accepts monetary deposits and grants loans to individuals and business organizations. It also offers a number of investment related services. It is the main operator of banking financial services.
  • Investment banks: On the contrary, an investment bank is like a broker or an agent that helps large corporations to raise capital from markets or from other corporations in lieu of issuance of stocks or shares. It also provides a host of other services to such companies such as helping in merger and acquisitions, trading of derivates and the various type of equety

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  1. Insurance services

Insurance refers to an equitable transfer of financial risk or loss from a one economic entity (typically an individual) to another (usually an insuring company) in return for a fixed sum of money agreed upon by the two parties. Within the broad areas covered, insurance falls under risk management in finance. The person who is being insured has to pay a fixed sum of money for his insurance coverage called premium and the contract between the insurance provider and the person who is insured is called an insurance policy. This is personal financing for own benefit and about unforeseen losses in near future.

There are several types of insurance and the rate of premium and the insurance services provided often differ in accordance to them. A tabulated form of this risk management in finance is provided in our financial services assignment. Some of the major types of insurance are:

  • Health insurance refers to the risk of incurring expenditure on medical treatments. The benefit of insurance is usually provided by an organization which maybe either governmental or private. The recipient of the insurance may be either a person or a family. Depending on whether the insurance is being provided by the government or by a private insurance company, the insurance structure differs from one country to another. It is also an important function among all the banking financial services. In some countries like United Kingdom, the health care system is publically funded and is provided to all citizens of the country. There is no premium collected and the cost of medical treatment is provided by the government and borne by general taxation. At the opposite end of the spectrum stands U.S.A. which heavily relies on private insurance agencies to provide medical coverage. Most of the other countries follow a combination of public and private health insurance systems. In Australia, all citizens are entitled to free and universal access to in-hospital and out-of-hospital treatments and the expenses are borne by the general tax payers. It is one of the major topics on financial services assignment.
  • Accidental insurance are common in developed economies and provides protection against unforeseen losses like permanent and semi-permanent disability, unemployment and accidents.
  • Life insurance is perhaps the most common form of insurance and is considered as one of the pillars of personal financing and its management. has a separate article on personal finance for all those students needing financial services assignment help. It provides monetary benefits to the insurance holder’s family or descendants or nominated members in lieu of a premium paid by the insurance holder.
  • Property insurance provides protection against unforeseen losses like theft, accident, fire, earthquake, flood and burglary to the immovable assets of an insurance holder.
  • Liability coverage is generic term used to denote the provision of financial protection to an insurance holder against any liability or damage incurred by him.
  • Credit insurance or payment protection insurance repays the loan by a debtor in case of his death, accident, employment and disability.

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  1. FOREX Services

Several banks now provide foreign exchange services. Such services include:

  • Currency exchange
  • Wire transfer
  • Remittances

Currency exchange means the buying and selling or foreign currencies according to the current market rates. They are usually provided by various banking financial services. Nowadays, they are also provided by several non-banking agents like travel agents and private agencies. Wire transfer refers to the international transfer of money from one account to another. Finally, remittances refer to the act of sending money back to home by migrant workers living in another country. It also refers to the personal financing when a person travels from one country to another. Our experts can provide the ideal service you are looking for.

  1. Investment services

Investment services refer to a wide variety of specialized services provided by banks and other finance agencies which help global corporations to raise large sums of investment capital for conducting businesses. Some of the major types of investment services are:

  • Asset management refers to the management of the shares, stocks and other types of immovable assets of a company for the benefit of that company and its shareholders.
  • Hedge Fund management refers to the management of high risk stocks and shares in order to ‘hedge’ or manage that risk. An important aspect of it is the types of equity which develops after investment in shares.
  • Investment banking/ brokerage helps companies to gather capital from other companies or through financial markets through investment bankers who act as underwriters or agents of those companies. These are the most intricate topics which require expert assistance. You can choose our financial services assignment help and banking financial services help to comprehend these topics.
  1. Other types of finance services

Apart from these core services, financial services consist of a number of other types of services for both individuals and corporations. They are:

  • Plastic money: Refers to the issuance of both credit and debit cards to account holders.
  • Private Equity: Management of securities of private equity companies which are not publically traded in stock exchanges.
  • Debt management: Help debtors to pay off debts based on a reduced amount of payment agreed upon by the both the debtor and creditor which would be treated as a full and final settlement.

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