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HC1041 IT for business activity

HC1041 IT for business sample

Activity 1

The given statement does not seem to be adequate because of the fact that an information system contains other components as well other than hardware and software. A basic definition of information system states that it is a system that interconnects several different components in order to collect data and then process as well as analyze it so to convert into a piece of useful information. The components which together establishes an information system are data and networking communication along with hardware and software. As the statement given here does not mention the other components of the information system, we cannot consider it to be accurate (Ciborra, 2012).

hc1041 it for business activity

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  1. A problem can be defined as a situation or an incident that results in some situations or outcomes which are not certain. These situations further lead to difficulties in achieving the desired outcomes or objectives planned by a particular organization or an individual. So, that obstacle can be considered to be the cause of that problem. For a firm that works in the market research area, it is required to collect all the business data from their clients and analyze it in order to come up with some basic patterns with respect to clients or market behavior in general. In order to collect data from all the departments or outlets of a firm, it is essentially required to have an information system that is centralized. This is the way; the market research team can gather all the data in bulk with more efficiency and effectiveness.
  2. A company can achieve competitive advantage by adopting and utilizing a strategic information system for their internal processes. There are two types of software which can be used for this purpose namely, off the shelf computer programs and custom made software. Of the two, off the shelf is cheaper as well as easier to use. In addition to that, off the shelf computer programs also cost cheaper as compared to custom made software which provides firms with a low-price competitive advantage. For example, software used for training purposes in the firm (Hevner, 2014).
  3. Nowadays, it has become really important for all companies to come up with innovative ideas and products in order to attract their target audience. As innovation or research and development has become a very costly process, many companies prefer copying competitive strategy from their competitors rather than developing it on their own. It is a convenient and cost-effective approach. One of the examples of this could be benefits provided by a strategic information system that can also be replicated and therefore it has quite a short life in the market.
  4. Adobe provides its free trails version which comes with certain basic features. Their advanced features are only provided to the users who have purchased it. So, if some user wants to use advanced features of Adobe and also to use those features in enhancing their work then it is required to buy the Adobe software (Smith, 2015).

HC1041 IT for business activity


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