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HI5015 Legal Aspects of International Business and Enterprise


Legal Aspects of International Business and Enterprise

Trimester 3 2017 – Group Assignment


  1. Form a group of between three and five student
  2. Select a case from one of the cases beneath.
  3. Instruct your instructor by email with respect to your gathering individuals and case
  4. chosen. It would be ideal if you NOTE: Lecturer endorsement is required. You should NOT begin your task until the point when your teacher supports your gathering and case. No endorsement = Fail.
  5. Select the gathering you wish to speak toe. China, Philippines, United Mexican States.
  6. Research your chose case.
  7. Peruse and comprehend your chose case.
  8. Get ready and present a synopsis of the case and your chose gathering’s contentions.
  9. All individuals MUST present.
  10. Absolute imprints for this task is 30 stamps, and all-out load for this task is 30%.
  11. The time limit is 5 – 10 minutes for each gathering.
  12. HI6027 Business and Corporations Law T2 2016 Final Exam
  13. Worldwide CASES
  14. De Sanchez v. Banco Central De Nicaragua
  15. Talking v. Joined Mexican States
  16. The Islamic Republic of Iran v. the Joined States of America
  17. Bank of India v. Gobindram Naraindas Sadhwani and Others
  18. Jorge Luis Machuca Gonzalez et a v. Chrysler Corporation et al.
  19. Barcelona Traction, Light and Power Co. (Belgium v. Spain)
  20. Metro Industries v. Sammi Co
  21. Joined States v. Blondek, Tull, Castle, and Lowry
  22. The Bedouin Republic of Egypt v. Southern Pacific Properties, Ltd., eta
  23. Nissan Motor Mfg. Corp., S.A. v. the Joined States
  24. The Bhopal Case – Charan Lal Sahu v. Association of India
  25. Batchelder v. Kawamoto
  26. Wilson, Smithett and Cope, Ltd v. Terruzzi
  27. Chase et a V. Collusion North American Government Income Trust, Inc. et al.
  28. Vishipco Line et a v. Pursue Manhattan Bank, N.A.
  29. Fund Ministry v. Manifattura Lane Marz Otto, SpA
  30. Canada v. Australia – Measures Affecting Importation of Salmon.
  31. Duberg v. Unesco
  32. State v. Nagami
  33. Spiess et a v. C. Itoh and Co. (America), Inc.
  34. Amar Nath Sehgal v. Association of India
  35. Starbucks and Ethiopian Coffee Trademark Issues
  36. Experience Hendrix, L.L.C. v. Hammerton
  37. Treibacher Industrie, A.G. v. Allegheny Technologies, In
  38. Chicago Prime Packers, Inv. Northam Food Trading Co.
  39. Mair v. Bank of Nova Scotia
  40. Far East Realty Investment, Inv. Court of Appeals
  41. Trans trust Sprl v. Danubian Trading Co., Ltd.
  42. Sztejn v. Henry Schoeder Banking Corp.
  43. Philippines v China in the South China Sea

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