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HI5019 Strategic information system for business Assignment 1 sample

HI5019 Strategic information system for business Assignment 1 sample

Table of Contents

Part 1. 2

Current Organisational Structure and Operational Problems. 2

Commercial Software for Accounting. 3

System Flowchart of Sales Procedure. 3

Control Problems and Possible Fraud. 4

Part 2. 4

Introduction. 4

Development and Adoption. 5

Current Market Size. 5

Market Leader in Accounting Software. 6

Gap and Challenges. 6

Recommendation and Suggestion. 6

Conclusion. 6

References. 8

Part 1

Current Organisational Structure and Operational Problems

There are several industries and organization in the business m market of Australia. These are manufacturing and production industry, retail industry, sales, and marketing industry, food industry, hospitality industry, tourism industry, fashion industry and much more. Every organization has their own set of structure, which is completely based on their requirements. In this context, INDIA SUPERMARKET has been chosen for study, which is also located in various parts of Australia and here it is known as INDIA AT HOME. There are total 8 stores of this INDIA AT HOME that have been found to be located in Melbourne (Gosnell, 2017). These 8 stores are present at various suburbs like Footscray, Clayton, nareen waren, Epping, Dandenong, Dandenong plaza, Glen Huntly and box hill (Sallem et al., 2017). The structure of the INDIA AT HOME Company indicates the successful innovation process. This organizational structure is very much important for the growth of the organization in the competitive market. They have their franchise in Melbourne from where they control their overall supply chain process. They stock their products in this franchise branch and distribute the products to the target market or to the target customers as per their customer’s or market demands. The entire organizational structure is subcategorized into several parts which can be described as the top and bottom level of management. There are different levels in between these two main parts. At the top management level, high skilled managers are there who handles all the incoming and outgoing of products and control other processes. The Company mainly imports the products from India or store their own products at the franchise and on demands of the market distribute the products in the different franchise. Here are different managers are present who plays different roles in the organization. They are duty manager, HR manager, financial manager, marketing manager, stock manager etc. Apart from them receptionist, account manager or accountant and other staffs are also there. HR manager mainly looks for the recruitment process and distribute the employees in various departments as per requirements Stock manager mainly handles all the stock related data and maintain the record or incoming and outgoing products from the stock. Financial manager and the finance department team members are responsible for taking g care of cost management and keeping the record of total expense and total revenue generation per month or per year. They also produce the balance sheet at the time of an audit. Receptionist mainly handles the administrative works and do keep the receipt of every purchase or the delivery receipt. They provide the cash memo to the customer after every purchase and keep the record. Including all these profiles INDIA AT HOME Company has total 156 employees. The company provides both the offline and online shopping facility. They also have the facilities like cash on delivery, online payment, debit card or credit card through payment etc, which attract more customers towards them and enables the customers to be flexible and relaxed for their payment. The organization has been identified with some major recruitment issues as the recruitment process and the interview process is not online and they even do not keep any data which create confusion during g the recruitment process (McManus, 2013).

Commercial Software for Accounting

It has been found d that INDIA AT HOME Company uses MYOB accounting software for their accounts management and for other relevant work. This MYOB software is quite efficient accounting software which has seven different categories like accounts, banking, sales, payroll, purchase, inventory and card life. This particular software helps in accessing the data regards to daily purchase or daily sales rate per the monthly/ yearly sales data in a single click which helps the accountants or the financial manager to take proper decision for the cost management and to organize the other departmental work efficiently (Curtis, 2015). This also helps in producing the bill for every purchase to the customers and the direct print out of the invoice can be easily taken. For the stock maintenance, it is also helpful like how many products have been sold out or how many new products have been newly introduced to the store every calculation can be easily done through the help of this MYOB software (Dyt and Halabi, 2014).

System Flowchart of Sales Procedure

INDIA AT HOME Company does not have any complex structure for their supply chain process of products. It is very simple and is easily understandable. The structure of the supply of products follows both the online and offline methods. The company has a very good reputation about their faster delivery process where it has been found that from the time of placing the order it takes very time to deliver the products at the customer’s door steps. After every purchase by the customers, they are handed over with the products along with the cash memo with specific details of the payable amount (Mayasari, 2015). A customer can pay the bill through online, cash on delivery mode or can use credit or debit card for their purchase which has c created a purchasing flexibility or the payment flexibility for the customer. As soon as the order is dispatched from the stores, it is updated with the remaining products numbers and the number of products dispatched. The product order, dispatching, shipping and the final delivery followed by the successful payment updating everything can be tracked over online (Choong, 2016).

Control Problems and Possible Fraud

Every coin has two sides. Likewise, the INDIA AT HOME Company also has two opposite sites where along with the different positive aspects it has different negative aspects too. It has been reported that there are many fraudulent activities are done in the different stores of this company. The major issues that have been encountered are that one person handles multiple tasks in this organization which c creates confusion with the job profile and the job role. Somebody who handles the cash also participates in the decision-making process (Dunbar, Laing and Wynder, 2016). On the other hand, everyone has the authorization to handle cash so the allowance of stealing activities are there and to hide the issues false financial reports are made sometimes which can be considered as the serious offense or fraudulent activity. Even the manners or the behaviour of the employees are also not very satisfactory. This activity must be maintained or controlled over time (Pabst and Perrin, 2014).


Part 2


Accounting is important for any business and the role of the accounting software is thus very much crucial for any business organization. It helps the organization to control the entire business operation along with the accessibility of the total expense and the total profit estimation. For both small and medium or the large scale business operation the importance of accounting software is very high. In the past era when, there was no accounting software, pen and paper and the manual process of calculation was the only way to keep the financial record. The invention of the accounting software happened for the first time in the year 1955-1960 and the change in the business operation process and the growth of different business organization drag the attention of the non-users or the manual accounting process followers (Wong et al., 2017). In this section a literature review on the accounting software has been done which will help in gaining the knowledge n the market size of different accounting software, their popularity, useful features, development, current gaps or the challenges that arise with the use of those brands and the recommendation for the improvement. Apart from MYOB, there are several other accounting software is available in the business market of Australia. These are XERO, QUICKBOOKS, and INTUIT etc. Among them, the most popular are XERO which has been discussed in the following sections (Smith, 2017).

Development and Adoption

On 5th June 2007, XERO was launched in New Zealand for the first time in the exchange market at the price of $1. Exactly after 5 years from this launching time, Xero was introduced to the market in Australia in the year 2012 on 8thNovember (Jenkins, 2016). This introduction had been done for the purpose of security exchange for accounting. Eventually, XERO received around $23 million (NZD) funds from the different investors in New Zealand. From Peter Thiel and from Matrix Capital, XERO received and $49 million (NZD) of funds which are really a big amount (Smith, 2017).

After the launching of this XERO, it had adopted many additional features to it like payroll, cash sharing etc. This was done in the month of July 2011. Before this innovation or the intervention of payroll, the number of existing customers of XERO was 1.9 million which increased up to 800,000. The other advantageous features were credit card payment, an automated banking system, invoice, reporting system to the management and many others. The intervention of the payroll system and the entire XERO accounting software solved all the hassles in Australia regards to accounts (Smith, 2017).

Current Market Size

XERO has 2, 50, 000 users and total 10,000 partners of them in the entire business world. As per the last year financial record, this has been reported that the total number of users has been increased by 53% in the competitive market of New Zealand. According to the managing director or of TRENT INNES, Xero is the winner among all the accounting software in the global competitive market. As compare to MYOB, XERO is far better and efficient. XERO has total 15% of the market share in Australia and has a high potential to increase its sharing percentage. The names of the other countries where XERO has been successfully used by the organizations are Singapore, Hong Kong, and several other Asian countries.

Market Leader in Accounting Software

The market competition of XERO is really had. It also has a high competition with MYOB. But upon the market analysis, it has been reported that XERO is cloud-based accounting software that allows more productivity and allows the users to access the data from any corner of the world and this gives the ultimate flexibility to the users and in turn, this makes the entire business operation easier. As per the report, it has been found that in the year 2013-2014, XERO has developed a market with 1.4 million customers. It also helps in fetching the data directly from a bank and can give the invoice with proper updating in the system. The high degree of accessibility of data over the internet has turned the preference of the customers towards XERO.

Gap and Challenges

This has been reported that the main challenges that XERO has been facing are the data stealing. Stealing of the data is quite possible because it is a cloud-based system and lack of encryption may allow it to be hacked. But, according to the managing director of XERO, namely Chris Ridd, XERO is secured and without the help of the internet connection the data can be downloaded and can be saved. A report says that 70% of the business market in Australia uses XERO rather than MYOB (Jenkins, 2016).

Recommendation and Suggestion

Though XERO has received an enormous success still it requires some improvement or innovation to maintain its sustainability in the competitive market. It has been found that XERO takes very long time to run on the computer and crash the application while running it in mobile. It also runs at a very slow speed in mobile. Thus it has received 3 stars out of 5 for iPhone and iPad. After encountering these issues of XERO, the company had promised to launch a new version with more efficient features and faster processor in the year 2015 but still, this has not been launched. Therefore, these issues must be addressed and the improvement in the INDIA AT HOME organization’s structure and in the distribution of the job profile and job responsibilities must be done in a proper way.


After the complete analysis, it can be said that the INDIA AT HOME does not maintain a proper administration process that has allowed the fraudulent activities in the organ isolation. This inconvenience must be improved through the implementation of the proper administrative body and HR manager. On the other hand, XERO must look or the improvement with the resulted issues so that they can clear its way successfully and can get more opportunities towards sustainability in future. 


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