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HI6008 Business Research Assignment 3 Reflective writing Sample

HI6008 Business Research Assignment 3 Reflective writing Sample


Table of Contents

Evaluation of the learning experience. 3

Utility of the Learning procedure. 3

Insights through the learning course. 3

Evaluation of the learning outcomes. 4

Evaluation of the learning procedures. 5

Future Application of learning procedure. 5

Reference List 6  

Evaluation of the learning experience

The learning experience can be considered through its excellent relation to the modern day profiles of business. I have developed a precise idea about the implications of outsourcing in the business procedure along with an elimination of the irrelevant threads in a procedure. The different concepts on the types of outsourcing that I have understood through the learning procedure have been related through the benefits of outsourcing in various industries. The learning procedure has also helped to develop precise idea on the functional areas and the hindrances in the procedure (LeCun, Bengio & Hinton, 2015). It can be considered as very important for my future career as it will promote a distinctive trait relating to paradigms of my analysis on a specific scenario. The inclusion of the relevant theories and modules in the course of learning has helped me gain through idea on the implications of the same in a scenario. I have developed an understanding on the relationship that prevails between the third parties and the various organizations concerning the legal and ethical paradigms of operation. The influence of the various procedures can be differentiated through an overview on my analytical skill set. An effective interception can be demonstrated as baseline operatives of an influential procedure along with a strategic interface through an effective grooming of my analytical skill set.

Utility of the Learning procedure

The learning procedure can be utilized through the development of distinctive traits that may escalate my employability credentials. The evaluation of the outsourcing techniques concerning its implementation in the adaptive coordinates of a functional projection relating to the the influence on the decision making skills may aid in my selection of career paths. The development of the operational coefficients along with a synchronized relationship to the sustainability projections on business development can be identified through a distinctive analysis of the operational basics. As opined by Rasmus, Berglund, Honkala, Valpola & Raiko (2015), the nomination of the defined procedure implemented through a diversification of the comparative coordinates of the outsourcing procedure can be extremely useful for the escalation of the analytical skills along with a systematic resemblance to the exceptional standards of routine operations. The accumulation of the research objectives related to the impacts of outsourcing in business activities can be defined through a comparative depiction of the nominated profiles along with a simultaneous diversification of the proportionate coordinates. The utilization of the learning procedure has defined the value of time segmentation, which may influence a disciplined lifestyle.

Insights through the learning course

The benefit of the learning procedure can be considered through a future implementation of the acquired skill set through its synchronized implementation. I have acquired various opportunities to interact and indulge into inventory activities, which have been utilized, in the outsourcing techniques. The vast adaptation of the comparative standards along with a peculiar interrelation with the coordinates of operation can be nominated through a synchronized diversification concerning the advantages of outsourcing in a business procedure. The utility of the learning procedure lies in demonstration a critical overview on the implications of the stakeholder relationships on the business expansion which has effectively promoted a propaganda for a dual-sustainable relationship among the third parties involved in business. Analysis of the advantages and disadvantages can be considered as important as it has given me a complete knowledge in the obstacles that I may face through the inclusion of the outsourcing techniques in business procedure (Husted & de Sousa-Filho, 2017). The viability of the functional correlatives along with a critical depiction of the operating techniques can be modulated through an adaptive diversification of the business standards along with a defined interjection on the relative coordinates of business management.

The implications of the management coordinates along with a synchronized reflection on the comparative credentials of the learning technique can be utilized in expanding my communication capabilities. The inclusion of the projected profiles along with an analysis of the promoted trends in management can be related through a synchronized overview on the comparative components. Therefore, the learning procedure has made me realize the value for time and its utility in promoting effective standards of an operation profiles.

Evaluation of the learning outcomes

The learning outcomes of the procedure have promoted a precision on the advantages and disadvantages of outsourcing in business. It has promoted a contrastive analysis on native and offshore outsourcing operators through a distinction on their defined characteristics. Analysis of the comparative coordinates along with a depiction of their relative influences on stakeholder relationship subsequently the achievement of the sustainable objectives for an organization can be aid for my segregation capabilities for a career choice. The influence of the strategic coordinates along with a systematic depiction of the comparative standards can be nominated through a simultaneous diversification of the proportionate inclusive of a business procedure. As opined by Musteen, M. (2016), the relevancy of a strategic theme along with a critical nomination of the functional liabilities can be related to the development of my accountability credentials concerning an assigned job role.

The influence of the elements in the outsourcing procedure on the individualistic adaptive credentials can be promoted as a divergent of the functional coordinates and a systematic nomination of the functional standards. The viability of the operational procedure along with a segmentation of the operational profiles can be considered through a systematic diversification of the comparative standards. Influence of the leaning procedure can promoted through a resemblance to the real-time analysis of the business entities through their effective utilization of the outsourcing.

Evaluation of the learning procedures

The evaluation of the systematic coordinates involved in the internal and external influences to a business environment can be justified through an active segmentation of the research courses. The inclusion of the suitable analogues and a reflection based on the contrastive styles of management can be defined through an active synchronization of the functional liabilities. The consideration of the comparative standpoints along with a depiction of the resemblance to the proportionate inclusion of the learning outcomes can be demonstrated through the practical implications of the suggested analogues (Goswami & Madan, 2017). The nomination of the functional coordinates along with a strategic resemblance to the functional profiles can be augmented through a synchronized diversification of the specific modules. I can utilize this module in future learning procedures and in my employability tenure.

Future Application of learning procedure

The techniques adapted in the learning profile can be included in a distinctive analysis pros and cons of outsourcing in business procedure. It may aid in the development of the binary interpretation capabilities along with a specific knowledge on the promoted capability. The inclusion of the substantial credibility along with a depiction of the baseline alternatives can be segregated through an adaptive diversification of the functional coordinates along with an agility of maneuvering the needful concepts on resource development and management techniques. The inclusion of the specific credibility of the knowledge development procedure can be defined as a potential analogue of the complimentary credentials through a variance in the interpretation of the learning procedure. I have achieved a precise knowledge on the promoted credentials of the adaptive capabilities. The inclusion of the diversified profiles along with an intervention on the systematic modules can be contrasted through an adaptive tradition relating to the origin of third party operators in outsourcing.

Reference List

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