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HRMT20024 T2 2018 – Assessment 3

HRMT20024 T2 2018 – Assessment 3 


HRMT20024 T2 2018 – Assessment 3 guidelines – Essay on Attracting and Retaining staff


Due date Review/Exam Week, Monday, 8th Oct. 2018, 5.00PM
Any requests for extension must be submitted through the CQU system at least
48 hours prior to the due date, with relevant supporting documents.
Late submissions without approval will result in a penalty of 5% (2.25 marks) per
Weighting 45%
Length 2,500 words ± 10% (excluding title page and reference list)
Learning 1, 2, 3, 4
Purpose Students have completed an annotated bibliography for Assessment 2, and that
material should be used towards Assessment 3.
Assessment 3 will assist students to apply their learning to a particular industry
sector, and tailor their argument to that sector’s specific challenges. It will give
students the opportunity to enhance their research, analysis, critical thinking and
written communication skills; particularly in the areas of argument development
and essay writing.
Before starting this assessment, please read the marking criteria (at the end of
this document).
Assessment For Assessment 2, you selected a sector to study (e.g.  agriculture; construction;
Task financial services; health care; hospitality; manufacturing; mining; retail;
You will write an essay on the key challenges in attracting and retaining a
workforce in your selected sector.
Your essay will draw on at least five themes from Week 1 to Week 11 of this unit,
being those most relevant to your selected industry sector.
Your essay will draw on the academic literature (including the annotated
bibliography you developed for Assessment 2), and develop an argument
applying that literature to your selected sector.
You must cite at least ten (10) relevant peer reviewed journal articles, and 3
chapters from the Kramar textbook. You can cite other academic references
such as books, conference papers, and book chapters but these will NOT be
counted as part of the 10 journal articles.
Referencing APA referencing.  For more information, see :
Submitting All assessments must be submitted through the Moodle site. No email
submissions will be accepted. All assessments submitted electronically through
Moodle must be through the Student Portal • Failure to
submit electronically will be taken as a failure to submit and therefore a zero (0)
score will apply to the specific assessment.


Plagiarism         Copy detection software (TurnitIn) is used in this course and work found in contravention of the copying and plagiarism rules will be investigated. Penalties apply in the case of proven instances of copying, plagiarism and academic dishonesty. Please check the following links to know more about TurnitIn:


TurnitIn is only a tool and judgement needs to be used when you view your Originality Report. TurnitIn does not make a judgement as to what is referenced properly, it highlights the non-original material in a piece of work. You should use the similarity score as a guide only and must then check the originality report to determine whether or not changes need to be made to the assessment.


Required            Students must familiarise themselves with the following policies and procedures at Assessment of Coursework Policy; Assessment of Coursework Principles; Assessment of Coursework Procedures


HRMT20024 Assessment 3 Rubric – Essay



Key Criteria Exceeds Expectations Exceeds Expectations Meets Expectations Meets Expectations Below Expectations
(High Distinction) 85-100% (Distinction) 75 – 84% (Credit) 65 – 74% (Pass) 50 – 64% (Fail) below 50%
Content Knowledge Demonstrates a balanced and Demonstrates a balanced and Demonstrates a good level of Demonstrates limited Demonstrates little, if any,
40% very high level of detailed high level of knowledge of core knowledge of some of the core knowledge of core concepts by knowledge of the core concepts
knowledge of core concepts by concepts by providing a high concepts by providing some providing a limited level of with extremely limited, if any,
providing a very high level of level of analysis. level of analysis. analysis. analysis.
Utilises more than 10 excellent, Utilises more than 10 very Utilises 10 current, relevant and Utilises 10 mostly relevant and Does not meet the requirement,
relevant and credible sources. good, relevant and credible credible sources. credible sources. in terms of quantity or quality of
sources. articles selected
Argument 30% Excellent introduction; Good introduction; providing a Fair introduction, addresses Poor introduction; addresses Very poor or non-existent
providing a very clear purpose mostly clear purpose which some points, lacks some detail; limited points, lacks detail; of introduction.
which ensures all areas ensures most areas relevant to ensures some areas relevant to which few areas are outlined.
relevant to the topic are clearly the topic are clearly outlined. the topic are outlined.
Excellent and logical argument Strong argument throughout Some argument linking ideas Weak argument Little or no argument
integrated throughout the work most of the work throughout the work
The assessment presents a The assessment presents a The assessment presents a The assessment provides The assessment fails to provide
detailed and focused summary fairly detailed and focused somewhat detailed and focused limited detail with no clear any clear evidence of the ideas
of the ideas presented; drawing summary of the ideas summary of the ideas summary of the ideas presented; drawing no clear
clear and well thought-out presented; drawing fairly clear presented; providing some presented; drawing limited conclusions.
conclusions. and well thought-out evidence of conclusions. conclusions.
Organisation or structure The ideas are arranged in an The ideas are arranged in a The ideas are arranged in a The ideas appear less logical, There is little, if any, coherent
15% extremely logical, structured fairly logical, structured and logical, some-what structured structured and presents in fairly structure to the document.
and coherent manner. coherent manner. and coherent manner. incoherent manner.
Presentation and quality of Quality of writing at a very high Quality of writing is of a high Quality of writing is of a good Some problems with sentence Quality of writing is at a very
writing standard. standard. standard. structure and presentation poor standard so barely
15% Paragraphs are coherently Paragraphs are mostly well Few grammar, spelling and Frequent grammar, punctuation understandable.
and spelling mistakes. Use of
connected to each other. structured. Few grammar, punctuation mistakes. Many spelling mistakes. Little
inappropriate language.
Correct grammar, spelling and spelling and punctuation or no evidence of proof
punctuation. mistakes. reading.
Late assessment penalty 5% per day x 45 marks = 2.25 marks per day

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