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HS2061 Information Systems Project Management

HS2061  Information Systems Project Management

HS2061 IS Project Management – Individual Assignment 2 T2 2018


For the MedRec case study supplied in assignment 1, produce a professionally formatted document to include the following:

  1. Feasibility Analysis
  • Technical Feasibility
  • Economic Feasibility
  • Operational Feasibility
  1. Requirements Analysis
  • Functional Specification
  • Non-functional Specification
  1. Project constraints
  2. Project Work Breakdown Structure

Please follow a formal business report format.

Word limit: 1000 – 1500 words

HS2061 IS Project Management – Individual Assignment 2 T2 2018




N/A Poor Fair Good Very Excellent
Scope Feasibility Analysis (10 marks)
Requirements Analysis (15 marks)
Project Constraints (5 marks)
Project Work Breakdown Structure (15
Document Document Presentation Good layout,
Format grammar & spelling (5).
Deduction for late, copied or plagiarised
work (up to total marks earned)


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