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HUMOV8007 Master of Applied Science: Social Science Assignment Help

HUMOV8007 Master of Applied Science: Social Science F/T Assignment Help

Social science may be a major branch of science and a serious class of educational disciplines, involved with society and also the relationships among people inside a society. It successively has several branches, every of that is taken into account as “social science”. Masters in social science is a postgraduate program having 60 credit points. It is a research program dealing with the study of different people and their relationship with their surroundings. It has two semester which starts in March and August.

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Topics we would cover in HUMOV8007

  1. Smith, Ricardo and the first rupture in economic thought
    • Introduction
    • Classical political economy: general themes
    • Smith’s dualisms, Ricardo’s abstractions
    • The first methodological rupture
  2. Political economy as history: Smith, Ricardo, Marx
    • The invisible hand of history?
    • Ricardo with Smith as the point of departure
    • The dialectics of value
  3. Not by theory alone: German historians
    • The making of the German Historical School
    • Methodological foundations
    • Laws of development
    • History without theory?
  4. Marginalism and the Methodenstreit
    • Marginalism and the second schism in economic thought
    • Carl Menger and the Methodenstreit
    • The aftermath
  5. The Marshallian heritage
    • Setting the scene: dehomogenising marginalism
    • From soaring eagle
    • To vulgar vultures?
  6. British historical economics and the birth of economic history
    • British historicism: T.E. Cliffe Leslie
    • The birth of economic history
  7. Thorstein Veblen: economics as a broad science
    • Institutions, evolution, and history
    • Veblen versus marginalism, Marx and the Historical School
    • Veblen’s evolutionary scheme
    • Method and history in Veblen’s work
  8. Commons, Mitchell, Ayres and the fin de siècle of American institutionalism
    • Commons’ compromises
    • Mitchell’s empiricism
    • Ayres’ Veblenian themes
  9. Positivism and the separation of economics from sociology
    • Twixt logical and non-logical: Pareto and the birth of sociology
    • Lionel Robbins: squaring off the marginalist revolution
    • Souter’s reaction
    • Introducing positivism: From Hutchison to Friedman


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