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Increasing use of Social Media Sites | Management

Increasing use of Social Media Sites | Management

Increasing use of social media sites such as Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn, provides employers and recruiters with a source of information about applicants. Recruiters may wish to have access to applicants’ social media sites to determine whether a candidate would be a good fit for the organisation. The focus of this assignment is on exploring your views on the use of social media in the selection process (and the vetting process), its advantages, limitations and consequences. The scenario provided below presents a practical and an ethical dilemma for recruiters as social media blurs the line between what is public and what is private.
You are an HR manager and are in charge of recruiting a candidate for social media specialist role. The organisation needs a marketing professional with social media expertise to develop and manage the organisation’s social media strategy and presence. You have three candidates for this role. They have similar background and experiences and you are finding it hard to separate between them. However, they are likely to have social media accounts such as LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter.
Analyse advantages and disadvantages of each of the three scenarios below and decide what you will do and why:
1) Ask each candidate for their permission to take a look at their social media sites
2) Take a look at their social media sites assuming the information provided there is public without notifying the candidates
3) Not look at their site
This assignment may be used for research purposes (de-identified and anonymous), and in this case you will receive information on the research project, contact person that is able to answer your queries about the reseach project, and instructions on how to withdraw from participation in the research. Participation in the research project will have no impact on your marks in this subject, and is based on your voluntary choice.

Focus of this assignment is on the first learning objective: be able to critically examine assumptions and propositions of theorising about organisational behaviour in general. The role of technology is pervasive in businesses, and has practical implications for OB. This assignment will stimulate your thinking on the topic of personnel selection.
Marking criteria
High Distinction
Critically discuss each scenario
Outstanding discussion of each scenario that begins the process of critical thinking.
Discussion of each scenario is comprehensive
and succinct.
Discussion of each scenario is clear, succinct.
Discussion is basic but adequate.
Fails to meet criteria for a pass.
Identification and justification of the chosen scenario.
Chosen scenario is well justified
based on the strong and quality arguments.
Ideas are well thought out and in keeping with the debate about the content.
The post is relevant and constructive. Provides platforms for others.
Chosen scenario is adequately justified
based on the sufficient arguments.
Chosen scenario is justified
based on the basic arguments.
Fails to meet criteria for a pass.
A free form is suggested for this assignment as it is a blog.
Discussion in this assignment is an opinion reflection piece. It should be informed by your understanding of chapter 4 in your textbook.                                         600 words
It is a blog (600 words), meaning it doesn’t have a prescribed form
It is a reflection piece, meaning you can write in first person, and the blog can be based on your views/experiences/knowledge entirely
Should you include references? Yes if you are using other people’s ideas and arguments. If you use references, make sure to follow the APA style of referencing, and to include the full reference list in your assignment. You can use at least 2-3 academic sources including the prescribed text.
What to focus on: make sure to demonstrate critical thinking as this is what you will get marks for. To make sure you do this, I strongly suggest reading chapter 4 in your textbook. To show critical thinking you could include different points of view/factors for assessing personnel selection methods. These have been identified in your textbook, chapter 4. For example, Anderson (2003) identified three factors: applicant reactions, equivalence and adverse impact (see Arnold et al., 2016, p.172 or see the PPF from the online meeting 2), and then there is criterion related-validity…see u can see the topic which i have given in this attach these two.

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