ITC571 – Project Proposal and Plan 2

ITC571 – Project Proposal and Plan

ITC571 – Project Proposal and Plan

1000 – 2000 Words (5-6 pages)



Full Name
Student ID
Subject ITC571 – Emerging Technology and Innovations
Assignment No Project Proposal and Plan
Due Date 07-Aug-2018
Lecturer’s Name Malka N. Halgamuge



You will write here the area/field that you are going to work on it. E.g..; Security in Big data,


You need to:

  1. Start your writing by providing background information about the topic and its current/existing solution
  2. Continue your writing to set the need for the research (what is the important of solving this problem/why you need to solve it)
  3. Continue your writing to set the Motivation for the research as a starting point (what is the problem in the current/existing solutions that you need to solve)
  4. Why your research is significant or Why is it an interesting or useful problem?
  1. What are the researchers in the area were trying to find out?
  2. What is the aim or objective of your research


What are you going to propose to solve the problem that is existing in the current/existing solutions; (Mention the initial solution here). You can use a diagram to clarify that with writing text

How you are going to do your research (step by step methodology is needed).


IV RESULTS  (optional)

* You include the “Results” section, ONLY, if you have obtained your own results.

* You cannot include someone else’s figures or tables in this section. This is only your own analysis.

* Comprehensive Figure caption is needed.

 Expected Outcome

  1. The project will predict ……………




Week Task
1 Obtained some knowledge about the research, e.g. how to read papers, how to evaluate papers


Timeliness and completion of project proposal and plan.




Please use IEEE reference style. Minimum 5 references are needed


[1] T. I. Zohdi, F. A. Kuypers, and W. C. Lee, “Estimation of red blood cell volume fraction from overall permittivity measurements,” Int. J. Eng. Sci., vol. 48, pp. 1681–1691, Jan. 2010.

[2] W. R. Tinga, W. A. G. Voss, and D. F. Blossey, “Generalized approach to multiphase dielectric mixture theory,” J. Appl. Phys., vol. 44, no. 9, pp. 3897–3902, 1973.

[3] T. Saarenketo, “Electrical properties of water in clay and silty soils,” J. Appl. Geophys., vol. 40, nos. 1–3, pp. 73–88, 1998.

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