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ITECH4300: Research Skills and Academic Communication Assignment Help

ITECH4300: Research Skills and Academic Communication Assignment Help

Research is used to refer creative activities which are performed on a scientific basis with an aim to extend the source of knowledge which helps to develop new things. Academic discipline is that branch of study which is practiced for research during higher education.

Research skills and academic communication course tells about the abilities which are important for beginning activities related to research. The course focuses on sources of information, institutions, and organizations. These resources are available in campus library and Internet as well. Correct implementation of these resources is also taught during the curriculum.

ITECH4300: Research Skills and Academic Communication Assignment Help

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Topics we would cover in ITECH4300

  1. About Research – What, Why, How and For Whom?
    • The purpose of the research
    • Making research results useful
    • Quality and reliability
    • Research ethics from a dynamic perspective
  2. Ethics Review and Other Approval Review
    • Ethics review and another approval review of research involving humans
    • Research on animals and animal ethics
    • Genetically modified organisms
    • Examples of problems that are still unsolved
  3. Handling Of Research Material
    • Background and problems
    • Interest considerations and various types of research
    • Four concepts
    • What can researchers promise?
    • Documentation
  4. Research Collaboration
    • Relations with fellow researchers
    • Interaction with funding and commissioning bodies
    • Commercial aspects
    • Responsibility for a collaborative project: in general
    • Questions of responsibility in multinational research projects
  5. Publishing Research Results
    • Why publish?
    • Disclosure of financial and scientific dependence
    • The “third task” and the media
    • Open access and publication on the Internet
    • Publication as a measure of worth
  6. Other Roles Of The Researcher
    • The supervisor and postgraduate supervision
    • The teacher
    • Assessing applications and proposals
    • Reviewing manuscripts for publication
    • Committee work
  7. Research Misconduct
    • Questions of definition and scope
    • Fabrication and falsification
    • Plagiarism
    • Unpublished material and self-plagiarism

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