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mcis 5133

MCIS 5133 | Database Management Systems | Database

MCIS 5133 | Database Management Systems | Database


In this project you will design a database information system for an institution (a company, school, supermarket, video store, etc.) of your choice. You should work on this project in teams. Each team consists of three to five students.
Choose any DBMS software to implement your project.

You have to submit a project report by the end of the last week of this semester.
The project report should effectively communicate everything that you have done in the project. It should describe the problem / environment, what you proposed to do, the scope of the project, and of course everything from the diagrams to the final queries. Importantly, the final project report should stand out a one integrated work.
The project report should specifically include the following:
  • Project definition, scope
What is underlying the problem that the database addresses?
Who will be the users of this database?
What kind of data is to be stored in this database?
Will there be any constraints on the data that will be stored in this database? Why?
What real world scenarios will this data represent (i.e. what are the kinds of transactions that you can think of that will take place with your database)?
What kind of information would you expect to retrieve from this database, e.g., the kinds of reports that the various kinds of users might like to see? Or the queries that they would like to run?
What will be the integrity constraints that you can think of? Why?
In what ways do you think your project will give your company competitive advantage?

  • ER and/ or EER diagram
  • Definitions
Entity definitions for all entities in the EER diagram
Relationship definitions for all relationships in the EER diagram
Attribute definitions for all attributes in all entities
  • Map the EER diagram to a relational schema illustrating referential integrity
  • Diagram the functional dependencies on the relational schema
  • Develop a set of 3NF relations
  • Write SQL queries for your database.
You should write at least 5 single-table queries.  These queries should serve some business function
You should write at least 5 multi-table queries.  These queries should serve some business function
  • List of all queries and a brief explanation of the purpose of each query
  • Output of all queries and any additional features that you may have included that enriches the project
  • Basic description of your database tables.

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