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MGMT6000 | Dynamic Leadership

MGMT6000 | Dynamic Leadership | Management

MGMT6000 | Dynamic Leadership 1

Assessment Linkages of Assessment 1 and Assessment 2:

Insights and understandings obtained in Assessment 1 will suggest themes that will be developed further in preparing a personal development plans in Assessment 2 of the assessment which is due at the end of the subject.


  • Students will work in pairs for this first part of the assessment; partners will be assigned by the Learning Facilitator. In very unusual circumstances, the facilitator can authorise groups of three.
Each student will provide his or her partner(s) with information on their current organisation, role, key stakeholders and current leadership challenges, et cetera, as background for the mentoring and feedback activity. Partners will contact each other, explore each other’s leadership journey and current challenges and provide mentoring and feedback to each other. Students should consider the influence of national and organisational cultures and social practices as part of the mentoring and feedback. Other parameters will be defined by the Learning Facilitator.

Output/Deliverable and parameters of the assessment:

Each student will submit a report consisting of 2000 words which describes the leadership journey, current strengths and areas for development, a summary of feedback provided by the partner and implications for future development. You should draw on the literature on leadership models and theories to help interpret and explain your current leadership. You should also discuss the implications of your cultural and social background on your leadership.
The emphasis in the first assessment is on your leadership journey to date. The second assessment will build on the first, with emphasis on preparing a development plan for your future leadership journey.

Resources to be provided:

  • A range of e-textbooks and journals is available through online journal databases, including EBSCO.

Learning Outcomes:

  • Increased self-awareness, including personality preferences, leadership style and impact on other people.
  • Knowledge of the major theories and models of leadership and their role in explaining and developing effective leadership.
  • Understanding of reflective practice as a means of research and personal growth.
  • Greater understanding of the influence of cultural and social backgrounds on leadership effectiveness.
  • Increased skills for mentoring and giving and receiving feedback.
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