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mgmt6011 | consultative report | management

MGMT6011 | Consultative Report | Management

MGMT6011 | Consultative Report | Management

MGMT6011 | Consultative Report | Management 1
  • Apply strategic management theory into practice;
  • Development understanding of theories, concepts and models to support operations frma strategic perspective;
  • Identify and analyse strategic issues;
  • Assess organisational strengths and limitations;
  • Build awareness of ethical and social considerations for strategic issues;
  • Evaluate information in support of the development of a case study report; and
  • Gain global perspectives in the analysis of strategic issues.
Refer to the Hubbard paper on how to analyse a case study. Use it as the basis for analysing the case study provided. Be sure to integrate your understanding of the theory from the subject. It is expected that you will use a minimum of 20 academic journal references in putting your case study report together. Be sure to include a one-page executive summary, as well as formal document sections.

You are expected to produce an academic report that includes an executive summary, formal document sections such as a table of contents, introduction and conclusion. As this is the capstone (or equivalent) subject, it is expected you will be very used to and comfortable with using external sources to validate your thinking and to demonstrate substantial wider reading.
Students should use the brief to inform what is required in the assignment and the following rubric to inform the standard of work required to earn your desired grade.
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