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MGT603: Systems Thinking Assignment

MGT603: Systems Thinking Assignment



Table of Contents


Proposal of the assignment 3

Introduction. 3

Aim.. 3

Objectives. 3

Questions. 3

Literature review.. 3

Research method. 4

Proposal individual 5

Introduction. 5

Organisational issues. 5

Impact on stakeholders. 5

Alternative policies to resolve the issues. 6

References. 7




Proposal of the assignment


In order to make proper retention of the organisational profit, every organisation needs to follow a proper system thinking. In this proposal, several objectives of the analysis have been identified along with the proper aim of the analysis as well. The proposal also highlights several aspects of system thinking through the literature review. The proposal also highlights the method of research.  


The main aim of this research is to find out the importance of the system in case of any organization issues. The analysis also aims at finding out the issues in the Zara retail company and recommended the possible alternative ways of these issues through the use of the system thinking.


The main objectives of this analysis are-

  • To identify the issues and risks in Zara company
  • To identify the importance of system thinking
  • To identify the alternatives issues against the issues found in Zara company.


Research questions for this assignment are-

  • What will be the possible ways to use the system thinking techniques?
  • How to overcome the consequences of the identified issues?

Literature review

As stated by Reynolds, Shah & van Ameijde (2017), systems thinking tend to have greater impact on the development of many specific organizations. It is that process which help in gathering ideas about the real situation of any organisation in the market. It will also help in developing ways through which the organisation can get path to resolve the issues.

Impact of system thinking in organization

In words of Shah & Reynolds (2017), systems thinking includes the process through which the organisation can develop the quality services of the organisation. It will also help in developing the management system of the organisation as well. Employees can also achieve better performance while there are getting training. On the other hand, it will also help in making proper sustainability of the product and services of any organisation as well.

Several types of system thinking tools

There are several types of thinking tools which includes mainly the Rich picture process. Apart from that, there is also a diagram like informational diagram, motivational diagram, decision matrix and all other. It will help in gathering ideas proper about the issues that can be found in any specific organization. In the case of making proper suitability of the organisation all these tools are very much important to be implemented.

Research method

There are mainly two types of data collection process. It includes quantitative data collection process and the qualitative data collection process. Data can also be collected through two types of methods like primary and secondary data collection method.

In the case of Zara company, data can be collected through the qualitative data collection process under which data can be collected through the secondary method. It mainly highlights the journal articles through which data can be collected properly.


Proposal individual


In this proposal system thinking method has been used in order to understand the problem that has been found in the Zara retail company in Australia. The proposal also finds out several alternative ways to find out proper resolutions of the issues.

Organisational issues

Organisational issues can happen from the side of management system and proper implementation of any plan as well. In the case of Zara company, there are several problems that have been found in the organisation. It includes the following issues-

Lacking flexibility in supply chain

Having a proper supply chain is very important for any kind of company in the industry of retail. In theca case it is true that, Zara is now facing a great problem regarding the management of their supply chain. It can be said that, Zara is lacking the proper management system of supply due to the great number of customers demands and lack of sufficient employees in the organisation like Zara (, 2019).

High competition in market

As stated by McDermott & Salado (2017), in the modern world of technology, propel are getting chance to choose their own products and they are also getting the similar kind of products from different companies. It can be said that, in the case of Zara company, it has been facing the problem of proper competition in the market due to the presence of other companies in the market (, 2019).

Impact on stakeholders

In words of Reynolds et al, (2018), any kind of problem can have a great impact on the stakeholders whether they are inside stakeholders or the outside. In the case of the high competition in the market, inside stakeholders like employees and the managerial heads will be impacted. The organisation can have a great cash flow. Flexibility in the supply chain can also impact the suppliers and the receivers if there is any case of improper time management.

Alternative policies to resolve the issues

In order to resolve the related issues of the organisation it needs to have some alternative ways. It includes-

Proper management of supply chain

Supply chain system needs to be implemented and developed with proper system of management. Proper planning will help in developing all the criteria related to the problem of supply chain.

Training to employees

The employees in the organisation like Zara needs to be developed with proper training in order to gain better performance quality and productivity. In that case, the organisation like Zara Needs to follow Rich Picture.

Rich Picture

Rich picture will the employees to get an idea and understand the actual condition of the organisation in the market and in the present time as well.

Proper financial planning

Proper planning about the investment system of the organization will help in gaining far better position in the market. In the case of Zara, retail organisation it can be said that power financial planning can be done with the help of the system thinking tools like-

Functional Modelling 

It will allow the team of the organisation to create any operational model of the planned system. It will also help in understanding the system functionality and determine the logical system interfaces.


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