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MIS171 Business Analytics

MIS171 Business Analytics

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This is an individual assignment, which requires you to analyze a dataset, interpret the results and then report your findings to a person with little or no knowledge of statistical data analysis.

The assignment uses the file “Assignment 1 and 2 DATASET – Cleveland.xlsx” which can be downloaded from the MIS171 section in Moodle (in the Deakin College Portal).


Cleveland Corp. is an American car parts manufacturer with a factory in Adelaide which employs 2,000 people. The company wishes to study its full‐time workforce by developing an employee profile that measures factors such as salary, job satisfaction, and career progress.
You will be playing the role of John Smith, a Senior Analyst at the company. Senior management of Cleveland Corp has asked you to conduct a survey of their employees. You decide to take a random sample of 450 staff and conduct the survey via company internal mail. The results are saved in the data set “Assignment 1 and 2 DATASET – Cleveland.xlsx”.
George Tim, Human Resources Manager at Cleveland, has written to you regarding the Cleveland employee survey. His letter to you is reproduced below.
Part 1: Data Analysis

To prepare a reply to the manager’s letter, you will need to use Excel to analyze the data set “Assignment 1 and 2 DATASET – Cleveland.xlsx” thoroughly.

You will need to apply techniques you have learned during lectures and tutorials in Weeks 1 to 4 such as:
•    tables
•    graphs, and
•    summary measures.

You DO NOT need to perform any additional analysis other than what you have learned in weeks 1, 2, 3 and 4!

Please use the worksheets ‘Q1’ through ‘Q5’ to work on each question. You may initially produce more Excel output than you need, so you will only need to copy and paste the relevant output from these worksheets to the ‘Results’ worksheet. Keep in mind the page limit of 8 printed pages for the analysis AND that the presentation of the results will be marked too!
Part 2: Report (that is, your reply to the Manager’s letter)

Write a letter to the manager, explaining essential information and conclusions from your data analysis. You are allowed no more than two pages to convey your written findings.

•    Keep the English simple and the explanations brief.
•    Avoid the use of technical statistical terminology. Your reader will not necessarily understand even simple statistical terms, thus your task is to explain your analysis using plain, understandable language

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