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Mobile Android Application

Mobile Android Application

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  • Mobile Android ApplicationObjectives
    This appraisal thing identifies with the learning result 1, 3 and 4. All the more explicitly, to structure and actualize an unpredictable versatile application.The goal of this task is for understudies to:

    Create, test and keep up a portable application utilizing a coordinated suite of versatile programming advancement apparatuses. All the more explicitly Android Java improvement is embraced utilizing the Eclipse ADT IDE and API’s.


You are relegated the undertaking of expanding the poker note taking versatile application to store session information in a database. The individual notes application has connections to every player. On the off chance that a player is chosen a page (part) is appeared to include note passages. A note passage comprises of a timestamp and note strings. At the point when the Save Entries button is squeezed these qualities are spared in a database in the application. At the point when the Show Entries button is squeezed a related page (part) is demonstrated that rundown all the date/time, note and area passages made for that day. More subtleties of these pages will be given in the areas underneath.


Mobile Application Home Startup Page

The application start-up is unaltered from task 1a.

Player 1 to Player 5 Data Entry Pages

These pages are unaltered from task 1a.

Show Notes Entries Pages (Fragments)

These pages are unaltered from task 1a.

Choices Menu pages

The Options Menu choices is unaltered from task 1a with the exception of the Save entries and Send all entries option.

On the off chance that the client taps the Save entries Menu, the day, date/time and note esteems ought to be spared to a SQLite database on the gadget. At the point when the application is opened this database is utilized to intialise recently spared days’ note sections.

The Send all entries will be utilized for sending the notes database to the client and to clear the present database of any passages. At the point when the Send all passages choice is made an email message is created containing every days note section. The username given in the inclinations is to be contained on the main line of the email. Each date/time and note passage is put individually line in the email, for example

This player inhales vigorously when he means to crease and so on. At the point when the email is sent all the days notes passages are erased. To test this element send the email to yourself. Incorporate a duplicate of such messages to the reports you submit for the task.

Profile page

The Profile section UI is likewise required. A username alter content field is provided for the client to enter their business username. Two content fields are additionally provided with the goal that the client can enter their related secret key for this username. At the point when the Save profile button is squeezed this information is spared in nearby factors (for use in the area above) and the Home page (section) is appeared. In the event that the Cancel profile button is squeezed the Home page is promptly returned as well.

Different Features

At the point when the Send all entries menu alternative is picked an exchange inquiring as to whether they wish to send is appeared. In the event that the “alright” catch is chosen, the current SQLite database is cleared of all passages alongside the nearby items used to spare the day by day journal sections. Accordingly sub-consecutively demonstrating the rundown for any day will show an unfilled rundown.

At the point when the Android BackButton is pushed on the Android gadget a discourse inquiring as to whether they wish to spare is exhibited. On the off chance that the client taps the “Yes” catch, the nearby notes logs will be kept in touch with the SQLite database before stopping the application. In the event that the “No” catch is tapped, the application exits without sparing any progressions to the SQLite database.

Required Documentation

You are likewise to set up a Word record. Your archive ought to incorporate a proper cover sheet. Your archive ought to have two areas that address the equipment and programming necessities and application editorial given underneath.

Plan for a Testing Strategy for your Mobile Web Site

Your report should:

Make and audit a rundown of cell phones, programs and systems focused for the application.

Talk about the choice of portable models and gadget producers for your testing procedure

Talk about in the case of testing is required on real gadgets and what part emulators/test systems and work area programs can play in this procedure

Audit the sort of specially appointed testing that might be utilized to help outline your gadget testing procedure.

Money related Case and Application Commentary

Your archive should:

Rundown the highlights you effectively executed and those you were not able effectively actualize; you ought to portray the issue in a couple of sentences and furthermore quickly depict anything you endeavored to do to inspire it to work. Your way to deal with recognizing and endeavoring to fix these bugs may pick up you some halfway credit for those highlights you were not able actualize.

A depiction of any extra usefulness you accept would be helpful to add to this App ought to be incorporated. Clarify what the highlights are and how they would enhance the App.

Are there any moral contemplations in making this sort of administration accessible?

Talk about the monetary/money related case for the proposed framework. Distinguish potential income streams and expenses. What amount would these expenses be for your proposed client base? How might you demonstrate that you are accomplishing this client base? Given to what extent it has taken you to create what do you gauge specialized improvement expenses to be in hours? How might you advance your application and what sort of showcasing ought to be utilized? .


You are required to present your task electronically by means of the Moodle player site. The deliverable is a rar or zipped registry containing all the code and assets required for testing. You should rar or zip together:

Utilize the fare choice on your dairy undertaking to deliver a compress document that can be foreign made once again into Eclipse to re-make your venture.

Your Word archive

Duplicates of messages from your application

As often as possible Asked Questions about Assignment 2

How does the client get to the Profile Page?

The profile page is expected to be gotten to from the choices menu (not appeared first dispatch). There is just a single for the client (not for every player) and requests a username and secret key that are then spared as inclinations (to a pref document or to the database). At the point when the client presses “send all sections”, the username is send as the primary line in the email. The secret key isn’t utilized.

What happens when Save Entries is squeezed?

At the point when this choice is chosen, all sections for each player are spared to the database. On heap of the application, all sections ought to be perused from the database.

What does the Back Button do from various screens?

At the point when the back catch is squeezed from the home screen, the client ought to be provoked to “spare all sections” and given the decision to “Spare” or “Don’t Save”. From different parts of the application, the back catch can go in reverse or go about as a Home catch.

What do I have to improve the situation the Testing Strategy?

The testing methodology ought to be for a versatile application as structured and ought to incorporate subtleties of the gadget and working framework utilized, just as in the event that it requires a system association. “Programs” detail may not be required for this specific application.

What subtleties do you require in the Financial Case?

The case is comprised of subtleties on the potential income (reflected by no. of potential clients) just as the expense to create (determined by means of hours spent). You have to clarify what “client base” you would offer the application to and how you’d market to this client base.

Assessment criteria

Assignment Criteria Marks Total
-That pressing “OK” in the onBackPressed() method saves the SQLite
Main Activity File database and exits 3
The ArrayList values are set from the SQLite database entries on entry
-The profile page checks that the passwords match, no items are null
and returns to the home fragment
-The save all entries options menu saves the correct values to the
Menu Options database 3
The send entries menu option clears the SQLite database and the days
-The profile option brings up the profile page
Email UI Data correctly sent as email & email documents submitted 5
SQLite database -The DBAdapter class is present and works correctly 4
The days ArrayLists are correctly set when the application loads from
the SQLite database
Testing Strategy
–    Discuss the selection of mobile models and device
manufacturers for your testing process
–    Discuss whether testing is required on actual devices and what 5
part emulators/simulators and desktop browsers can play in this
–    Discuss the economic/financial case for the proposed system.
Identify potential revenue streams and costs. How much would
these costs be for your proposed user base? How would you
Financial Case & show that you are achieving this user base?
–    Given how long it has taken you to develop what do you 5
estimate technical development costs to be in hours? How
would you promote your app and what kind of marketing
should be employed?
-Feedback given as required
-Use appropriate naming conventions 5
Adequate commenting
Correct grammar
-Citation of references, copyright use
Total 30

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