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NIT2222 – Networking Technologies

NIT2222 – Networking Technologies



By completing this assignment, students will be demonstrating their knowledge and skills leant from week 1 to week 5 that include:

  • IP address planning
  • Local Area Network technologies
  • Implement and configure Local Area Network of medium complexity in Cisco Packet Tracer




Sydney Wonderers Limited is an assembling organization who has as of late rebuilt their plan of action. As a major aspect of their rebuilding procedure they have to build up another Local Area Network to meet their business necessities. You are enlisted by the organization to structure and fabricate their PC arrange.

The primary period of the venture includes structuring and improvement of a system for various building s of the organization, as appeared in the Figure 1 beneath.

The area of various divisions inside the structures and the area of principle servers of the PC organize are as per the following.

Building s An and B has Manufacturing and Warehouse Departments

Building C and H has Laboratory and Engineering Departments

Building F has Stores office

Building D has Human Resources Department

Building K has primary servers everything being equal

The PCs and the other gear prerequisite s are given in the table underneath;


Number of employees 200

Number of PCs 200

Number of IP Phones 200

Number of servers 1

Distribution center DEPARTMENT

Number of employees 50

Number of PCs 50

Number of IP Phones 50

Number of servers 1

Research center DEPARTMENT

Number of employees 20

Number of PCs 20

Number of IP Phones 20

Number of servers 1


Number of employees 20

Number of PCs 20

Number of IP Phones 20

Number of servers 1


Number of employees 10

Number of PCs 10

Number of IP Phones 10

Number of servers 2

Coming up next are the prerequisites that should be satisfied in structuring the system.

Every division ought to be set on a different subnet for system the executives purposes.

Offices situated inside a similar building should utilize a similar Layer – 2 switches. VLAN s must be utilized to isolate the traffic between the offices.

Layer – 3 switches must be utilized for steering between VLANs inside the inward system.

The system ought to be planned with elite and high accessibility necessities at the top of the priority list, utilizing Ether channel and First Hop Redundancy advancements.

The organization utilizes a solitary portal switch to get to the ISP arrange . System Address Translation ought to be utilized on the entryway switch to cover up inside IP address es .

The system ought to be intended to enhance the expense , for example you should endeavor to utilize least quantities of system gadgets and connections.

Explicit Requirements:

To finish this task, you are required to make the accompanying strides .

1. Structure a nd draw the system topology utilizing Packet T racer s oftware (or other illustration devices ). Unmistakably name the structures, divisions, switches and the switch in your topology graph . ( 10 marks )

2. Distinguish what number of subnets are required for your proposed topology. Plan the subnets dependent on the given system address ( 172. XY .0.0/16 ) to enhance the location spaces . ( utilizing the second methodology – number of hosts required ). Note: T he connect between the entryway switch of the organization and the ISP switch has been appointed with system 220.2 .X.0/24 ( X is the primary digit of your understudy ID).

Make the table s and give the fundamental subtleties of the plan for each sub net like underneath.


Allocated Subnet address and Subnet Mask
Network address
Default Gateway address
Valid host address range
Broadcast address

3. Label the drawn network topology with corresponding subnets and IP addresses and then take screenshot s of the diagram.

4. Design appropriate configuration script s for the r outer and for the s witches to implement the proposed network. Where necessary, y our configuration design should account for VLAN, Routing, NAT, and Redundancy.

Place configuration of each device into a table similar to the one below.

(Type the script here as below, NOT using screenshot
from Packet Tracer)
S1: enable
S1: configure
terminal S1: . . .

Then, enter the scripts onto the designed network on Packet T racer to implement a functional network.


5. Perform necessary verification s to test the performance of the proposed network. All computers should be able to ping to any other computers on different networks and to the port on the router. If either of the Layer 3 switches fails, the network should still be functional.

Use necessary screenshots of ping and show commands on computers, switches and routers to show the status and performance of your network.

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