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APIC Business Consulting

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Assessment 5 – Long Report (Due Week 13) Case Study Project – Report Scenario You work as a graduate consultant for a consulting firm in one of the branches (Australia, Malaysia or Hong Kong) of APIC Business Consulting (ABC). You have worked there for six months. The company has been in operation for five years and has 70 employees including the general manager, consultants, administrative staff, project managers, programmers, business analysts, a technical writer and a trainer. The company provides Information Systems consulting services and also develops lightweight database driven information systems in Visual Basic for small businesses, organisations and charities. ABC Consulting has a new client who needs advice on whether to adopt an Ecommerce system. The following is the scenario ABC are faced with: Client Scenario: Amanda Jane Horse Wear Amanda Jane Horse Wear is a small, evolving business that sells a limited range of horse riding apparel items direct to the public. It does not sell its products to other specialist retail stores such as Horseland for on-selling. The manager, Amanda Jane Walters, is a young entrepreneur and clothes designer. She is also a talented seamstress. In her part time she rides her horse for both pleasure and in competitions. Horse riding is an expensive hobby and competing is even more so. Anecdotally, Amanda feels that horse owners are often reasonably well off and spend considerable amounts of money on feed, tack and horse wear. She believes that her business can compete with other suppliers providing rider apparel. The business has gradually evolved and provides a reasonable income. Most of the sales are for items such as silk riding tops, hats and specialist designer items such as dressage overalls. However the main sources of sales are at horse events and via word of mouth from previous customers. Her advertising is limited to pony clubs and other horse riding organisations. It has become increasing apparent to Amanda that more and more riders are looking for apparel on the Internet. Although she is Internet savvy, she has no idea about the direction to take with respect to electronic commerce. Amanda has approached APIC BUSINESS CONSULTING for advice on how e-commerce may boost sales and the direction she should take. You have been asked by your supervisor to prepare a report explaining e-commerce in general, highlighting the issues and benefits, and developing a broad strategy she should undertake. Your advice needs to be well research and not based on your own personal views or experiences Instructions You will provide consulting services to Amanda Jane Horsewear as mentioned above as part of a consulting team. You will partner the members of your team that presented in week 11 and work with them in and outside of class to complete the Case Study Project Report. The consultancy report and specifications will provide Amanda Jane Horsewear (your client) with an overview of the selected system so they can determine if they want to proceed with implementing such a system in their own business. It will also guide them on the requirements for the new system. The report will also highlight the benefits and issues associated with adopting such a system. Learning objectives After successfully completing this assessment task, you should be able to: • Demonstrate understanding of the fundamental concepts of long reports in a business context • Conduct independent research • Explain the issues and benefits associated with implementing an information system • Produce a professional report for a business audience Report Format You need to download the report template file available from OLS and use it to prepare your report. Your report should show your lecturer that you have research the topic, applied it to the case study and have argued a direction the business should take. We are not expecting detailed computer specifications in the report. But you should be able to relate the things you have found about these systems to the various components of information systems: hardware, software, data, people and procedures. The most important are the last three components so ask questions such as: People What sort of things will need to be done to include people who use the system? Remember, we are not talking about customers but people in the business. Procedures What changes will be necessary to the current processes (or procedures) in the business to ensure that the system will be successful? Data What sorts of data will be collected and how will this be done? Note: Login with the Id then ‘My courses’ >’SBM 3101′>Week 13 for assignment details and eCommerce article

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