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Project Outline and Topic Presentation | Management

Project Outline and Topic Presentation | Management

Project Outline and Topic Presentation | Management 1
Assignment Task 1 
You should choose your own project topic and then briefly write a problem statement followed by aim, objectives, sources of secondary data and a brief methodology of the project. In addition, as a part of topic presentation, all on-campus students are required to discuss their project topic and ideas during the tutorial sessions in front of other students. You are also expected to provide constructive feedback on one of your classmates’ project.  Please see details in the course profile.
Task Description:
  • Title of the project(up to 25 words)
  • A brief statement of the problem that you would like to investigate; and research aim and objectives that can solve the problem you have identified.
  • A brief methodology: Provide details about what type of methodology you will choose such as quantitative or qualitative or mixed methodology;
  • Clearly identify secondary data source(s) and datathat require for your research; also identify the methods and tools that you will use to analyse the collected data.
   TOPIC PRESENTATION : Make three slides with important bullet points of above three(3) points which I mentioned above. Some important points please read it carefully:

 Word Limit : 600 words.
  1. please read the Assignment task 1.
  2. Task description which is above.
3.I have attached to files :
  (1) file (1)gives information about some advice about choosing a project topic.
In this file there are 5 suggested areas that you need to select one(1) area for this assignment 1.
  (2) File (2) gives information about Example Assignment this only for understand about formatof a Assignment 1.
  1. There are total 3 Assignments for this subject. Assignment 1 and Assignment 3 are related. SO Please be careful while  choosing the Project Topic for Assignment 1.
Because in future Assignment 3 need to be done on the basis of Assignment 1.

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