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The Australian market is limited by its industries, size, and location. The majority of
Australian businesses are small and medium-sized companies (SMEs) who are
increasingly looking at overseas markets to expand their marketing activities and
grow their business. The Asia Pacific is a region on which a growing number of
Australian businesses are focussing their international marketing activities. Overall, the region’s economies are growing, however, growth and opportunities are different for each country within the region. Although international marketing can provide a range of opportunities for business growth, it is also challenging as each country consists of a distinctive market environment and specific consumers.
 For this assignment, you will take on the role of an International Marketing The consultant who assists an Australian company with their international market expansion. In assignment 2, you will, therefore, need to understand your client’s products and consumer profile, as well as the industry sector. Based on this knowledge and an analysis of two possible markets in the Asia Pacific (see possible country list), you have to discuss their market attractiveness and challenges and make a justified recommendation for market entry into one of the markets. You have to choose one of the below companies, which will serve as a case study for your assignments 2 and 3.
Provide a brief company and product overview
Industry sector profile (domestic and global)
Develop consumer profiles (company and industry)
  • Research and critically analyze two possible markets in the Asia Pacific (See possible countries list below)
  • Develop a justified recommendation regarding which of the two markets to enter (which they will be the focus of assignment 3)
  • You have to advise no later than by the end of week 4 which company and which two countries you chose for your assignment 2.
Choose two of these markets for assignment 2:
Remember: Assignment 2 is linked to assignment 3 and you will have to focus on
the same business case in assignment 3! Your market recommendation in
assignment 2 will be the market for assignment 3!
Presentation: Assignments are to be typed, with one and a half line spacing, and a
12-point font size. Please also allow for page margins of at least 2cm each. Overall,
adopt a professional approach.
Assessment Client, industry sector and consumers (max 30 marks; 10 each):
•Clearly demonstrate an understanding of your client’s business and product range, the domestic and global industry that it is operating in, as well as the specific and wider consumer markets. (quality of business overview, industry, and consumer profiles)
Market analysis and critical discussion (max 50 marks; 25 for each market):
· Analyse and critically discuss the two chosen international markets utilizing an appropriate framework for analysis. (depth of analysis, criticality, and use of an appropriate framework)

Justified recommendation (max 10 marks):
· Develop a justified recommendation on which market the company should focus their international expansion on. (quality of justification)
The written report and referencing (max 10 marks):
· Paper is written in a report style and structured to support argumentation and readability; contains correct spelling and grammar; within the word limit. Application of the CDU Harvard referencing style guide for in-text citation and reference list.
(clarity of report structure, flow, and readability, quality of writing, word limit, correct format of references and reference list)
Please note: You need to research appropriate data and resources from a range of credible sources. This can include (but not exclusively) country and government information, industry data and reports, reports from respectable consultancy companies, professional media outlets, as well as academic journals and books. The quality and relevance of the used sources are likely to have a huge influence on the quality of your report. If in doubt, ask your lecturer.
Penalties: Late Submissions
· Late assignments will lose 5% of the available marks each day (or part thereof).
· You are to identify the sources of any ideas and words in your assignment that are not yours. Unattributed materials may not be included in the consideration of your assignment and serious cases of academic misconduct will be handled in accordance with the Student Complaints Management Process.
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