SCBIO1032 Introductory Microbiology Assignment Help 2

SCBIO1032 Introductory Microbiology Assignment Help

SCBIO1032 Introductory Microbiology Assignment Help

Introductory microbiology is an introduction to the world of biology where students will be taught about habitat of various micro-organisms. History and scope of microbiology; microscopy; microbic diversity, together with microbic taxonomy, variations between prokaryotes and eukaryotes, bacteria, fungi, viruses, algae, and protozoa; microbic growth and metabolism, together with microbic nutrition and culture media, microbic growth conditions, and basic microbic metabolism; microbic interactions: microbes aselements of the environment; applications of micro-organisms in food, earth science and environmental industries; introduction to medical biological science. This course can develop basic laboratory techniques within the isolation, cultivation, observation and identification of micro-organisms, and establishes a solid foundation for additional microbiological studies.

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Some of the topics we have taught are as follows:

  • Microbiology and medicine
  • Morphology and nature of micro-organism
  • Classification, identification and typing of micro-organisms
  • Bacterial growth, physiology and death
  • Antimicrobial agents
  • Immunological principles: antigens and antigen recognition
  • Innate and acquired immunity
  • Immunity in viral infections
  • Parasitic infections: pathogenesis and immunity
  • Immunity in bacterial infections
  • The natural history of infections
  • Coryneform bacteria, listeria and erysipelothrix
  • Actinomyces, nocardia and tropheryma
  • Neisseria and moraxella
  • Pseudomonades and non-fermentors
  • Vibrio, mobiluncus, gardnerella and spirillum
  • Brucella, bartonella and streptobacillus
  • Treponema and borrelia
  • Non sporing anaerobes
  • Chlamydia

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