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  1. Introduction

This individual assignment is based on the task (as given in section 4) which students need to complete as per the requirements given in the following sections. Please read all instructions and requirements carefully.

  1. Learning Outcomes

This assignment has been devised to allow students to demonstrate progress towards achieving the following Unit Learning Outcomes and Deakin Graduate Learning Outcomes:

At the completion of this task, students will be able to demonstrate:
ULO1 Understand the process of developing emerging innovations, its management
and the impact it has on technological and social sustainability.
ULO4 Have the ability to apply common philosophies, principles, processes, and
methods involved with innovation development and management.

This assignment will also help students demonstrate learning achievements towards many other unit learning outcomes. Students are encouraged to review all other learning outcomes to discover additional learning opportunities which will increase the quality of their submission and final results.

  1. Task Requirement

Throughout the history innovation has been playing significant role in development of great new products and a better standard of living. These products have ranged from the development of complex computers to more simple products such post it by 3M.

Your task is to do come up with an innovative concept to explore the possible solution to the existing problem of your choice. Submit the details of the problem and innovative concept. You can include a critical and brief reviews of the problem from variety of resources. You must use at least six appropriate references from different types of resources such as books, scholarly articles, reports and internet etc.

Your response to this task should include:

Problem statement & concept description Concept analysis

Skills and team required to materialize the concept

  1. Submission Requirements

Students have to upload their Assignment Submission on under the

This assignment is to be undertaken individually by students.

  • A written document is to be prepared using an appropriate style and to include a list of references. Refer to Deakin’s Guide to Assignment Writing and Referencing, available online from Student Life, for assistance on appropriate report styles and referencing
  • Read the Assessment Criteria guidelines section 7 for guidance on how this assignment will be marked.
  • The word limit is 1000 words (+20%/- 10%) – not including the References section.
  • Word count includes the first word of the first section heading to the last word of the last section in your report (but it does not including the References section).
  • The submitted file format must be PDF only.
  • Don’t waste time with fancy layouts, colours, cover pages, and so on. A simple text-based format is all that is needed with the report layout consisting of a few sections of text (with section headings). Use photos or diagrams sparingly and only if necessary and/or relevant to include in your report. Just use a basic and common text font such as Arial or Times New Roman with at least 10 point font size for body text. Single-spaced paragraphs are acceptable.
  • There must be a Reference Section (Bibliography) in your submission. Marks will be deducted if it is omitted, not suitably formatted, or lacking more than at least six relevant citations. Use a suitable and consistent referencing style such as the Harvard or IEEE or similar.
  • Don’t be tempted to plagiarise. If you unsure what constitutes plagiarism, cheating, or collusion then refer to the Academic Honesty information provided for all units on DSO in the Unit Guide and Information folder.
  • Online and in-person resources and materials are available from Student Life for all students to assist with assignment writing and referencing skills. Student Life also provides online and in-person resources to assist with understanding plagiarism and how to avoid producing it in your academic work.
  1. Suggested Template

Introduction (100 words)

Section 1 – Concept Description (300 Words)

  1. Title of Concept
  1. The Idea in a nut shell
  1. Value proposition offered by this Concept
  1. Literature review, prior arts, existing patents and Background of concept

Section 2 – Concept analysis (250 words)

  1. Competitive advantage
  1. How competitive advantage will be sustained
  1. Assumptions in formulating the idea
  1. Weakness/risk of current plan and how they will be addressed

Section 3 – Skills & Team required (250 words)

  1. Skills needed
  1. Team required to meet the skills/experience that is needed

Conclusion (100 words)


Criteria Level 5 Level 4 Level 3 Level 2 Level 1
Task Completion (15 Marks) All components executed excellently, extends beyond the required tasks Most of the parts treated very well, thorough, well linked to the task All components dealt with in a competent way, with some done very well Largely completed with some omissions, or parts poorly attended to, misunderstood, or omitted Non-completion of majority of tasks
Organization (10 Marks)Is your plan easy to follow? Have to followed the assignment template? Are your conclusions appropriate? Is the vocabulary and sentence composition proper? Ideas, theory and evidence well linked throughout and integrated to form a coherent argument. Creative use of structure to develop clear understanding for the reader and new insights. Sentences well-phrased. Free of errors and word length is within the range specified Logically sequenced and clearly presented with links made between section of the work and the argument. Sentences well-phrased. Occasional errors and word length is within the range specified Logically sequenced and clearly presented with a line of thinking progressing throughout. Sentences well- phrased Occasional errors and word length is within the range specified Clear structure with a flow of argument understood by the reader. Occasionally poor sentence compositions. Occasional errors and word length is beyond the range specified Poor structure without flow of information. Poor sentences, lack appropriate vocabulary. Frequent errors and word length is beyond the range specified
Research & Knowledge (30 Marks)Does the problem you have chosen have a firm knowledge base? Is it clearly described? What do other people say about it? Why is this innovation? What are the implications?


There is clear evidence that you have researched this topic thoroughly and comprehensively. You can present this evidence clearly and with authority. You obviously know your stuff You have a very good understanding of the problem and context. Maybe a few holes and a little vague in places You have a good understanding of your topic but should have dug deeper. Some obvious points missing perhaps? You appear to only have a peripheral understanding of the problem You present a very poor case and unable to demonstrate the required knowledge You appear to only have a poor understanding of the problem You present a very poor case and come across as not knowing what you’re talking about
Critical Thinking (30 Marks)Have you done a thorough analysis of your proposed innovation/idea? Have you weighed up the pros and cons? Do you have backing for any proposed innovation?


You covered many different points of view with little or no bias from many different perspectives. Your analysis is sound and have clearly thought about the problem long and hard You have generally presented an unbiased view but mainly from 2 primary perspectives You can put together a solid case but with an obvious bias You have clearly not thought about the problem very much and only presented one main perspective You appear to only have a peripheral and basic understanding of the problem
Digital Literacy (15 Marks) Appropriate, efficient and effective use of technology. Selection and use of contemporary technologies to access, organise, share and communicate information Effective use of advanced features of online database. Use of analytical skills in analysing the information to create a new project or research proposal, Ability to cite a variety of sources. Appropriate use of online database. Analysis of search results and summarise them. Consistent citing and sourcing Limited use of online database. Limited information. Search summary not covering all aspects of the subjects. Consistent citing and sourcing Limited use of online database. Unable to analyse and summarise the search results. Occasional mistakes in citing and sourcing Limited use of online database. Not consistent in citing and sourcing

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