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SWM5100 | Social Work: Fields of Practice | Management

SWM5100 | Social Work: Fields of Practice | Management

SWM5100 | Social Work: Fields of Practice | Management 1
Task description
As a social worker, it is important to be able to view complex problems from a number of view points, including the perspective of the client. Working through the questions below will help you to apply some of the ideas from lectures and tutorials to a real-world challenge.
There are no right or wrong answers. Your responses should be grounded in what you have learned in lectures, tutorials and through your readings and own research. Thus, the answers are not necessarily given in the clip; instead the clip provides a stimulus from which you can demonstrate what you have learned over the last four weeks.

Student response

In preparing your Student Response, please ensure that you address the following:
  1. Who do you believe is responsible for addressing the long term unemployment and why? (5 marks)
  2. What evidence and /or research was presented in this clip that could contribute to a solution to assist the unemployed? How does this and other evidence assist in social work interventions generally? (5 marks)
  3. Drawing on learning in the course so far and what you understand is involved in being unemployed, what interventions do you think a social worker could put in place for a long-term unemployed client to assist them into meaningful work? (5 marks)
  4. Imagine you are a social worker providing services to the long-term unemployed. What three pieces of information would you like to know from the client before commencing work with them and why?                                                       (5 marks)
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