SWM5101 / SWK4030 | Human Rights, Law and Ethics | Law 2

SWM5101 / SWK4030 | Human Rights, Law and Ethics | Law

SWM5101 / SWK4030 | Human Rights, Law and Ethics | Law

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Headings/Sub-headings Court Visit Analysis
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Headings/Sub-headings Court Visit Analysis by Bernadette Saunders – Wednesday, 14 March 2018, 5:48 PM
Hi everyone,
In relation to headings and sub-headings for the Court Visit Analysis, I suggest the following structure, or something similar, to correspond to the Court Visit Analysis assessment criteria in your unit guide. Please ensure that you address all of the assessment criteria. Your headings and sub-headings are included in the word count. Your references are not included in the word count.
Law, Legislation, and Courts
Open courts
Legislation and jurisdiction – the court observed
Area of law – case observed
Legislation – case observed
Procedures and participation in, and beyond, the courtroom
Key participants
Titles and roles
Protocols observed
Support services

Court-related social work roles

3/25/2018   Courtroom experience  SWM5101 / SWK4030 S1 2018: Headings/Sub-headings Court Visit Analysis
My thoughts/feelings and the context
My proposed changes/improvements
Why I think courts and tribunals should, or should not, generally be open to the public.
I hope that this helps,
Best wishes,


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