SIT221 Data Structures and Algorithms

Referencing Styles : Not Selected

Design and construct solutions to programming problems by exploiting objectoriented

development in the C# programming language.

You will further develop your skills by developing your software solution/s using the

principles of object-oriented development and the C# programming language.

ULO3 – Explain the principles of major data structures and be able to construct solutions

to programming problems exploiting them.

You will further develop your understanding by implementing one or more data

structures for this assessment task.

ULO 5 – Interpret the information provided in library documentation and to produce

library documentation for your own solution.

You will further develop your understanding by writing library documentation for

this task.Objective: In the first two weeks of the unit we reviewed how to solve problems using arrays and

introduced the concept of the linked list. These two data structures are fundamental to

understanding how to develop more advanced data structures and the algorithms that work

with them. To complete this task you will need to demonstrate your mastery /understanding of

arrays and/or linked lists.

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