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Charles Sturt University is one for the public universities located in Australia having multiple campuses across Australia with major campuses located at NSW (New South Wales), Victoria, Canberra, Dubbo, and five more locations. The trend for quality education was established by CSU in the year 1989 by combining several universities and their courses together. A wide range of educational courses helps students become future leaders are being provided at CSU which includes undergraduate courses such as Bachelor of accounting, Bachelor of agriculture business management, Bachelor of business and others. Similarly, a wide range of postgraduate courses is being offered by CSU including master of accounting practice, master of business administration and master of information technology etc.

Charles Sturt Courses and subjects

Charles Sturt University is well known for its course named a master of business administration which comes with a wide range for traits or students can pursue this course as per the electives are chosen by them. Master of business administration coursework comes with the core subjects such as MGT501 Contemporary management, MKT501 Marketing management, and MBA504 Accounting & financial management. Moreover, there are added subjects offered such as MGT510 strategic management and MGT537 Entrepreneurship project. With these mandatory and core units for the master of business administration in CSU students can pursue their optional subjects and accordingly they can do their specialization.

1For doing accounting or finance specialization students has to opt from ACC512 management accounting for cost & control, ACC585 Financial statement analysis & valuation, FIN518 International financial management, FIN530 Financial markets and instruments, FIN531 Investment Analysis, FIN522 Financial modeling, FIN560 Financial planning etc. Similarly, in order make information technology and IT as the specialization students have to choose from ITC595 Information security, ITC596 IT Risk management, ITC561 Cloud computing, ITC568 Cloud security, and privacy ITC563 IT management issues, ITC560 Internet of Things, ITC505 ITC Project management, ITC 540 Telecommunication management PG etc. In order to opt of marketing specialization students can opt from MKT510 consumer behavior, MKT520 managing product and service innovation, MKT525 Digital and social media Mktg, MKT540 Marketing strategy, MKT550 Global marketing, MKT570 Integrated marketing comes, MKT561 Service marketing, MKT513 Social marketing, ECO511 Economics for Business and MKT563 Big data and marketing analytics etc.

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