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BSMAN3003 – Strategic human resources Management

BSMAN3003 – Strategic human resources Management Assignment Help

Strategic Human Resource Management is one of the most important and powerful ideas to get emerged within the field of business and management for many years. Policy manufacturers at government level have formed this concept to achieve high performance and management of human capital. During specified intervals business corporations think about the complete array of competitiveness inducing variables, has become a well-accepted proposition in this era. Many management practice corporations whether small or big have designed substantial businesses by translating this idea of management into frameworks, methodologies, and prescriptions. Teachers and students both have analyzed the significance of human resource management in different industries.


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We very well understand that today’s learners will be responsible for shaping the future of the different industry. So, we aim to develop professionals who are master in their fields. In the past five years, we have earned respect and repudiated position in academic tutoring schools. Rather than earning money website was developed to solve study related problems that student face in his day to day life. Human resource management is an important subject taught to the student pursuing business and engineering related courses. Human resource managers are required in almost every industry. So, study this subject with more concentration than you usually used to do. Meet our human resource experts for your doubts.


Some of the topics we deal with are

  1. The role of human resources
    • What is a human resource?
    • Skills needed for human resources management
    • Cases and problems
    • Human resource management challenges
  2. Developing and implanting strategic plans
    • Strategic planning
    • Writing the plan
    • Tips in planning
  3. Recruitment
    • The recruitment process
    • The law and recruitment
    • Recruitment strategies
  4. Compensation and benefits
    • Goals of a compensation plans
    • Developing a compensation package
    • Types of pay systems
  5. Human resource management at organizational leveled
    • Grading and salaries
    • Benefits
  6. Terms and conditions of employment’s
    • Employment contract
    • Recruiting staff
    • Managing performance
    • Staff development
  7. Departmental human resource management plans
    • Manpower planning
    • Succession planning
    • Turnover recruitment
    • Deciding on terms of appointment
  8. Selection of candidates probational
    • Performance management
    • Motivation performance
    • Appraisal promotion guidance and supervision
    • Addressing poor performance
  9. Training and development training
    • management development
    • language and communication
    • computer development
    • second staff relations securing staff


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