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FINA2006 Principles of Finance Group Presentation

FINA2006 Principles of Finance Group Presentation and Peer Review

Presentation DetailsPresentation 1: Read the attached article; “In the end, there’s no such thing as a free lunch” (Advertiser, May 2015).Questions:

  1. Summarise the main points raised in this article.
  2. Comment on the statement by the author of the article;
    “…it’s actually the interest rate on 10 year US government bonds that hold the biggest sway in financial markets”.
  3. In the context of the topics covered in this course, comment on the reference to self-funded retirees in the article seeking;
    “…the same high-dividend paying shares, without balancing out their investments with other less interest-rate sensitive investments”.

Presentation 2:

Read the attached article; “Theories can’t count the cost of risk” (Sunday Morning Post,
November 2006.


  1. Summarise the main points raised in this article.
  2. Provide an argument either in favor or against the heading to the article, in the context of the topics covered in this course, which states;
    “For most investors, there is no point in worrying about volatility in markets”.
  3. Provide the class with an overview of why, given the standing of the academics discussed in the article, that the collapse of the US fund manager, LTCM, as referred to in the article, was so spectacular and perhaps surprising.

Presentation 3:

Read the attached article; “Shaw’s model ETF portfolio set for yield” (AFR, June 2015).


  1. Summarise the main points raised in this article.
  2. What is the author referring to when talking about the comments of the Shaw Stockbroker concerning; “the search for yield” in the 3rd paragraph and how does he relate stating that to ETF’s?
  3. Provide an argument either in support of or against the Shaw Stockbroking model portfolio – justify your discussion on this point.

Presentation 4:

Read the attached article; “Sift through IPO ‘rubbish’ to find value” (AFR, May 2015).


  1. Summarise the main points raised in this article.
  2. Why is the author pointing to a large number of recent IPO’s – that is, what is this ‘large number’ a reference to?
  3. What does the author mean when she refers to;

“It is pretty standard these days to get as a new listing on the sharemarket valued at 15 times forward earnings”?

Group Presentation

Format/expectations –

A group presentation is to be made at the commencement of the scheduled class.  As part of this process students are expected to be able to articulate and communicate a broad range of knowledge and skills relevant to the general and specific content included in the relevant Modules of the subject.

Completion and submission –

The presentation is to be completed in a group of a maximum size of 4 students.  Students will be required to form their own groups from students included in the class.

All materials relevant to the presentations (principally powerpoint slides and single page handout) are to be submitted directly to the Learning Facilitator tutor on completion of the relevant presentation for assessment purposes.

Location, date, and duration –

The group presentation should be for a duration of no longer than 10 minutes.  Presentations of longer than 15 minutes will only be eligible for a maximum mark equal to 75% of the total available marks for the group presentation.

At the conclusion of each group presentation, the presenting group is required to answer student queries (particularly from the peer review group) and any questions asked by the Learning Facilitator in relation to their presentation.  This time allocation for responding to questions is in addition to the specified presentation time.  It would be expected that the time required for responding to end-of-presentation queries would be approximately 5 minutes.

Structure –

At the commencement of the group presentation, the presenting group is to provide a single page handout (it may be copied on both sides if deemed necessary) to the attending class members – other than for the presenting group (preparing 10 copies should generally be sufficient to bring to class) that includes the following information:

 name of all group members and presentation question number allocated,

– principal headings/points used in presentation and group member name allocated to particular topics of discussion; further consolidating the focus for the subsequent discussion by group members,

– any further information that the presenting group deems to be useful to be provided to the audience in capturing the essential factors sought to be conveyed by the presenting group, and

– a list of the principal references (other than the textbook, lecture slides etc.) used by the presenting group in the preparation of the presentation (2 or 3 would be sufficient).

It is expected that the single page handout would not simply replicate the details included in the powerpoint slides/overheads.

For the group presentation, a group member should be appointed to introduce the group members to the audience and outline the structure of the presentations (for example; to convey which group members will discuss which particular issues and/or the format of the presentation – role play, interview style etc.).

Note the following restrictions in relation to the group presentation:

 Maximum number of powerpoint slides / overhead transparencies to be used is 5, and

– The minimum number of group members to speak in the presentation is 2.

Students should be aware that a marking penalty will be imposed on student groups that do not conform to the above requirements.

Group Peer Review

Format/expectations –

A composed basic assessment of another gathering’s class introduction is additionally required to be attempted by each gathering – this is depicted as the gathering peer review.  As a feature of this procedure understudies is relied upon to have the capacity to explain and convey an expansive scope of learning and aptitudes pertinent to the general and explicit substance incorporated into the important Modules of the subject.

Culmination and accommodation –

The companion audit is to be finished in a group.  The gatherings will be equivalent to the assigned introduction gatherings.

The composed report is to be submitted 7 days following the applicable gathering introduction subject to the companion audit.

Area, date, and span –

All friend survey gather individuals need to go to this class as inquiries identifying with the conveyed gathering introduction amass are required to be asked promptly following the significant introduction.

Structure –

A composed basic assessment of another gathering’s class introduction is required to be attempted by each gathering. The companion audit appraisal segment comprises of 3 singular necessities as appeared as follows:

To ask no less than 2 significant, educated inquiries of the allotted introducing bunch at the finish of their introduction.

To give somewhere around 2 things of helpful, basic input to the dispensed introduction amass emerging from the introduction at its decision that will help this gathering in the appraisal of their introduction execution.

To present a composed companion survey by the accommodation date. The composed survey is to join the subtleties incorporated into focuses 1 and 2 above.

It is crucially critical that the friend survey is set up by the evaluating bunch as a study of the gathering introduction (and class freebie) and should not be only another accommodation of the reaction to the inquiry tended to by the showing gathering.

As far as possible for the composed segment of the friend survey is 800 words. Note that as far as possible ought to be viewed as a manual for the profundity with which you are required to address the issues in connection to the introductions inspected. The demonstrated word limit avoids any computations that might be made in the survey and is incorporated to guarantee that understudies address each inquiry completely however do exclude immaterial data. The demonstrated word limit likewise avoids any posting of the finish of introduction questions and the useful, basic point of view criticism examined previously.

Note: The accentuation on the composed friend audit ought to be on giving an educated evaluate of the genuine introduction made and thus it would be normal that the gathering undertaking the survey would have taken some time in all in all talking about issues in connection to the introduction which is probably going to have included them assigning errands to be performed among gathering individuals in connection to the introduction made. This can just satisfactorily be accomplished preceding the real introduction by the pertinent displaying gathering. No further explicit rules with regards to the allotment of words making up as far as possible will be given.

Understudies ought to know that a stamping punishment will be forced on understudy bunches that do not conform to the above prerequisites.

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