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HS2041 Enterprise Systems

HS2041 Enterprise Systems


Case Study: ERP Implementation Failure A case study


Assignment  Description:  In this assignment you  need  to  read  a  case  study  on Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) implementation and answer three questions. This assignment  will  let  you  define  and  describe  the  evaluation  of  Enterprise  Resource Planning (ERP) systems. It will also let you examine and judge the role of EPR and their adoption process in organization. Most importantly, you will learn to analyse and develop   arguments   organisation’s   ERP   selection,   planning,   implementation   and ongoing support phases. Student will also argue about the roles of key stakeholders in an  organisation’s  ERP  selection,  planning,  implementation,  adoption  and  ongoing support phases.

Assignment requirements:

You need to read the case study on ‘ERP Implementation

Failure: A Case Study’ (uploaded on Blackboard as a separate file) and  answer the following questions:

  What are the key goals Hershey wanted to achieve using an ERP system?

  Discuss the pros and cons to customising the system. Use examples relevant to Hershey.

  How   should   Hershey   have   handled   change   management   during   ERP implementation?

Answers to the three questions can be presented in a Question Answer style. A formal business report structure is not required.


Word limit for this assignment is 1000 –1500 words

Marking Guide:

Assessment Components    Description of the section

Define and describe          Students   are   able   to   define   and   describe   Enterprise

Resource Planning systems (ERPs).

Examine and judge            They  can  examine  and  judge  of  the  role  of  ERPs  in organisations   and   evaluate   their   adoption   and   use characteristics.

Analyse    and    develop arguments

Describe  and  critically analyse

Quality of arguments in relation to an organisation’s ERP selection, planning, implementation and ongoing support phases.

Analytical capability of the roles of key stakeholders in an organisation’s  ERP  selection,  planning,  implementation, adoption and ongoing support phases.

Assignment Submission:

Assignment Date Due: Friday Week 7 by 5:00 PM

Assignment   Submission   Guideline:   Please   submit   your   assignment   as   a   Word document or PDF file on Blackboard.


HS2041 Enterprise Systems – Trimester 1 2018

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