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MGT201A Project Management

MGT201A Project Management

Program Bachelor of Business 
Subject code MGT201A
Subject name Project Management 
Assessment title Case Study 

Assessment Brief:

National Geographic – Inside Rio Carnaval

Available at:

This video goes behind the scenes of one of the most popular events in the world – Rio Carnaval. Mainly from the perspective of Syd Carvalho, an experienced Carnaval designer, and project manager, we get a glimpse into what it can be like managing and coordinating such a project. From S yd’s perspective, the assignment requires you to read this case report and search it for two items:

  1. The positives in this project (what went well from a project management perspective)
  2. The setbacks in this project (challenges and setbacks from a project management perspective)

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There are a few tasks the executives point at play here (for example sanctioning ventures, hierarchical culture and structure, scope arranging, chance administration, partner the board, time and planning the executives, and so on).

You are not required to make any proposals for improvement. Or on the other hand, perhaps, you are scrutinizing the response to simply recognize, list and analyze the positives and adversities. Two (2) positives and two (2) disasters are to be perceived and point by point. Each positive or mishap is separated in 2 sections where you perceive the issue, why you think it went right (or wrong) and use references from the composition that discussion about this deficiency or quality in endeavors (something close to 2 exceptional hotspots for each point). For example, if you recognize that the money related arrangement for this assignment was outperformed, you will perceive the expense overpower and allude to references that discussion about expense attacks being a commonplace issue in exercises. A couple of positives and challenges are clear as they are definitely not hard to see, while others may be gathered and will expect you to think fundamentally and settle on choices about those characteristics or inadequacies.

The task appears as a report with the predefined headings in the synopsis above –

Brief presentation (2 – 3 sentences)

Body – 2 positives (2 passages each)

2 difficulties/challenges (2 sections each)

End (2 – 3 sentences)

*The 750-word tally applies just to the body (2 positives and 2 mishaps)

The reason for the report is to survey your capacity to peruse a task case report, recognize venture the executive’s issues, and make reference to supporting undertaking the board writing on the theme.

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